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Xiaomi announces its first VR Headset

Chinese Mobile manufacturer Xiaomi has revealed its virtual reality headset against Huawei, Samsung, and HTC in stabbing to grasp a leading position in the emerging mobile market. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play will support different kinds of smartphones with 4.7 inch to 5.7 inch display; the device would be secured in the VR by a two-way zipper. The VR is wrapped in a lightweight Lycra fiber with different colors and texture, including denim and leopard print.


Alongside with VR headset, the mobile maker also announced the Mi VR App, which hosts content from partners such as Conde Nast Traveler. The virtual reality technology is in its immaturity level and China’s Apple wants to root its footprints starting from China. Various other mobile makers have launched their VR headsets, Samsung’s gear VR is priced below $100 and Google’s Cardboard headset is available for approximately $15.


Regrettably, the manufacture hasn’t leaked pricing and availability information for the VR headset. However, the company said that it would be an "entry-level product that seeks to bring the VR experience to a much wider audience". It means the firm aims to carry the VR experience to all smartphone users, particularly those who want to use VR but they can’t spend $90 for Samsung or other headset.


The company claims that it has received 1 million registrations for its VR headset in just 8 hours since it issued a call for beta testers on August 1. The VR is unbelievably inexpensive for users on the beta testing program; it will be available for 1 yuan ($0.15). Xiaomi is second company to launch VR Play in China so the company has a great opportunity to capture a large market share especially in its home country. Recently another Chinese company Huawei has declared its own VR device.