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Xiaomi Mi5 will be the first featured with Qualcomm's 3D fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi Chinese manufacturers recently announced the modest version of Xiaomi Mi4 with some changes. The new handset called Xiaomi Mi4c. The company has the aim to provide the powerful smartphones in less price and the recent example is Xiaomi Mi4c which is featured with all latest technology and available in China in the price of $200.

The Xiaomi lovers are waiting to get the most discussed smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 which and been in rumors since long. Previously we heard that the Xiaomi Mi5 is the first powered with Qualcomm’s latest powerful chipset Snapdragon 820 and it is also said that the handset will hit the regions before the end of this year.

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Some rumors out originated from China about the handset and the rumors claimed that the Xiaomi Mi5 will be the first handset use the Qualcomm Ultrasound fingerprint scanner which is supportive with Snapdragon 820 chipset. QUALCOMM confirmed the fingerprint technology in March. The company gives the briefing about the scanner and said that the Ultrasonic Sensor not only improve the accuracy it also abolish the usage of the capacitive sensor. Qualcomm makes this sensor with Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology.

If we summarize the Qualcomm scanner the Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor creates a 3D map of user's finger and record even the micro prints of skins. Qualcomm claimed that the sensor even work with the dirty or watery hand which is not possible in capacitive scanners.

The latest Qualcomm technology is not only read and record the hand prints directly they also able to take the records of fingerprints from other materials such as Glass, Metal and plastic and for work the sensor does not need capacitive sensor present out the handset body. The company placed the sensor behind the screen of the handset which increases the overall efficiency of the handset. Well if the Xiaomi Mi5 will come with this 3D touch technology the handset will be the biggest bump of the company. Well, till then stay tuned for more updates.