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Four Smartphone Models of 2014 That We Have Waited the Most For

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World is changing really fast and even when we see a newer model of a smart phone every month, there are some unique models that we really wait for and despite the waiting of months, we know that when the day will come, it will worth waiting.

Here, we are going to enlist some of the most amazing smart phones from different manufacturers that we have waited for a long time and finally the time has come and most of these most desirable smart phone models are about to be launched in the market. Take a look at that features and specs of the smart phone models that people are really desperate to put their hands on. Who know if you find something quite interesting among this list and join the club of those who have waited for months to finally take a look at these smart phones?

1.       Apple iPhone 6: 
It is not a hidden fact that most people like iPhone models over other smart phones and the reason of that is because they think it’s classy and stylish to keep an iPhone in their hands. But still there are some people who can’t get their iPhone model just because it costs more than they can arrange for. To solve this problem, Apple decided to launch its new smart phone the iPhone 6 in two different models; one with 5.5 inches of screen and the other smaller one with 4.7 inches of screen. Other than the difference in their screen sizes, there won’t be any differences either in software or in hardware. So it’s really good news that the months that we have waited for this news to pop from Apple that they are finally going to release iPhone 6 are going to worth for it with these two different models of iPhone 6.

Iphone6 big smartphone by Apple

2.       Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 

Up until now, we have seen some of the most beautiful and memorable smart phone models from the Galaxy family of Samsung but even if you consider the new flagship model Galaxy S5, the Note models of this family have their own place among other members. Note 1, Note 2 and recently launched Note 3 are some of the most amazing smart phones that we have seen over the past couple of years from Samsung and thus we have really waited for the next member of this smart phone family, the Note 4. This smart phone is really expected to be something unique and include the features that no other smart phone can imagine. It will be equipped with 5.7 inches of full AMOLED LCD display along with resolution of 2560X1440 P. the smart phone will include a 16MP of primary rear facing camera and a basic front facing secondary camera. While we talk about the hardware, Note 4 will be equipped with Octa-Core processor with 4GB of Ram and this smart phone will also be launched in different versions with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal storage memory and the feature to support external memory up to 128GB. 

Galaxy Note 4 the best big smartphone by samsung

3.       Motorola Moto X+1: 
It’s quite clear from the title of this smart phone that it is the next version of Motorola’s X smart phone launched last year. If we talk about the hardware and software changes made to this new flagship model by Motorola, it is equipped with many unique features and changes that make it really fast and quick among other smart phones in the market. Moto X+1 is equipped with 5.2 inch Full HD LCD display with resolution of 1920X1080 P. along with 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor, 2GB of Ram is included in this smart phone. This smart phone has 12 MP of rear facing primary camera and 2.1MP of front facing secondary camera in the handset. Just like iPhone, Moto X+1 will also be launched in different versions with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of internal storage memory.

moto x +1 is the big smartphone by Motorola

4.       Google Nexus 6: 
It is quite hard for those who like this OS to wait for the next version of android OS to come online so that they can upgrade their smart phones to this latest operating system in the market but as the developers are really working their asses off on this new operating system, there is still some time before this new OS goes on air to be downloaded by common users. But there is something interesting for you as the Google Nexus 6 smart phone is said to include the next or the latest version of android OS. This smart phone is said to be launched in the market followed by iPhone 5 and HTC One and this smart phone includes 5.5 inches of full HD LCD display with resolution of 2560X1440. Google Nexus 6 is also said to be equipped with Octa-Core processor which is faster than the previous Quad-Core version and it will also include 3GB or Ram too.

Nexsus 6 big smartphone by google

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