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iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6 Plus, main features comparison

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There has been lot of noise about Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus people were really waiting for these two wonders of technology and everybody was looking towards the September 9th.

 9th September has come and gone but it has given us two new version of same handset known as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently iPhone 6 has 4.7 inches display while iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 inches. This is not the only difference. They say beauty is skin deep but here in this case beauty actually is under the skin of these handsets and that differentiate them. Let us see what is hidden in these two handsets.  



iPhone 6 Plus has curved screen and embodied in anodized aluminum casing in unibody. It is available in three bright colors; silver, gold and space gray and having Apple logo in stain less steel on the back side. This is the apparent change over the previous ones. The other point highlighted was its protruding out camera but we find a durable chassis more important. Another change in the design in shifting of power buttons to the side making it easy to reach.

Size and Weight

The rumors and the early news were near to reality and the rumors were right. iPhone 6 in fact copied the dimensions of Nexus 5 and weight is also similar. iPhone6 measures 5.44x 2.64x0.27 inches (138.1x67x6.9 mm) and weighs 129 grams. This weight increase is 16% increase in volume more than iPhone 5s.

On the other side iPhone 6Plus has followed the model of 5.7 inches Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which measures 6.22x 3.06x 0.28 inches (158.1 x 77.8x7.1 mm) and weighs 176 grams. iPhone 6 is slightly bigger than one hand grip but people with bigger hand will find no problem in handling single handed.


iPhone6 Plus with 5.5 inches display has standard 1920x 1080 pixels resolution but in the rumors it was said to have 1704 x 960 pixels. The rumors have proof wrong. It was also said to be full HD but it is not. It falls short of trend for 2k that is 2560 x 1440 pixels as in the case of Note 4 and LG G3. On the other side the handset iPhone 6 Plus provides 401 pixels per inch resolution extensively to the front of 326 pixels per inch. Apple follows the trend of Retina Display that’s means the human eye cannot see between the pixels. Therefore there will be no break seeing in the picture with the naked eye.


iPhone6 has negative side on 1334x 750 pixels because the user are used to 1080 pixels display. However it is an improvement on Apple iPhone 4. In pictures and general display iPhone 6 has better contrast setting and same is the case with iPhone 6Plus. The size and thickness has reduced but display has improved because of the back lit screen.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do have the sapphire glass as it was mention earlier in the rumors.

Although Apple has not mentioned sapphire specifically giving it an impression that sapphire is missing in iPhone 6 but it is not so.  It does mention of Ion- Strengthened glass. It in fact includes sapphire because sapphire is core component of this new glass therefore it has the sapphire protection but to mention it exclusively would be wrong.

 Can It Be Used Single Handed

iPhoen6 is not the smallest handset but smaller than iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 can be used single handed because of its power button shifted to side and easy to reach. The whole UI is placed at the lower half of the screen making it easy to tap the iPhones visual thump. Now these changes of shifting the power button on the right and placing the icon on the lower half has made swipe or reach-ability make it user friendly. Practically what happen will be seeing over the time with the experience.

About Apps

 Apple has made another change in the display for the apps. In the previous devices one had to tap and zoom the application and proceed. In these handsets Apple has changed it to the scaler where the action is taken automatically. Apple has its own applications to cover the maximum advantages and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is more compatible to these applications and takes better advantage of them. Apple says iOS 8 will not be a problem and would merge with the operating systems of the handsets in a much better way and it would be desktop class scaler contrary to iPhone 4 or iPads where you need to zoom and use the app.


Apple has not really publicized it much but has made a big change. Previously it used A7 chip in iPhone 5s and now the chip is changed with A8 with 64 bit which Apple thinks would increase the quality of graphics by 20% and processor performance by 50%. Surely it is a big jump towards overall performance over the previous devices. The A7 chip in 5s rectified the complaint of gamers for the slow performance and now increase by 50% is further improvement. Apple did not highlight this issue of speed probably there was something amiss and could be noted by the rivals present in the event.

In addition to the A8 chip the new handsets are also equipped with M8 motion processor. It improves fitness applications and can separate the actions of running, cycling and elevation.

Although this is as exclusive topic but being mention here is connectivity. The integration of 150 Mbit unable it for LTE connectivity on 20 bands for both these handsets, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.  Although 300Mbit + is yet in process. With this integration connectivity in 4G will be enabled and with much faster speed to give you facility of roaming anywhere in the world.

Both the handsets will also support VoLTE (voice over LTE) which is a plus point over the other handsets which do not have the facility. Not all the carries provide this feature but Apple working with T-Mobile in USA and EE in UK is developing this facility and hopefully will be successful in providing high quality voice calls. Presently iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus also offer 802.11 ac Wi-Fi as iPhone 5s.


This has never been the desire of Apple to concentrate on camera features. It still has 8 mega pixels in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus as previously provided in iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c and iPhone 4. It has the same sensor which is already placed inside the other models. It is actually upgraded True Tone flash for more realistic flash lighting and focus on pocus pixels has improved faster face and slime deduction.

All other phones are generally equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) which practically moves the lens to counter shaking movement of the hand and arrange the better focus without blurring. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus use digital image stabilization which is cheaper software and gives the better results. iPhone 6 plus has much better results for night photography or low light conditions.

The front facing camera is not really very impressive it needs more exposure time and 81 % more light for reasonable results. It has not been configure fit for selfies by Apple and they have dropped this name from their technology.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have video recording ability @ 1080 pixels 30fps and 60 fps and 120- 240fps in slow motion. Comparing it with other competitors like Samsung, LG and Motorola iPhone stands nowhere and they lack much behind.  


Ultimately iPhones have increased in the memory previously all its devices had the memory limit of 64 GB and below now with these two iPhones have achieved 128 GB memory mark. But competition has affected the prices and brought them pretty low; hopefully the rivals will also jump up to 128 GB memory while remaining in the same price range. Apple believes in the philosophy of not having microSD card in view of heaving more capacity otherwise. It restricted itself to 16 GB memory and increasing it only to 32 GB for the reasons beast known to them. Now seen other devices, this memory of 32 GB stands nowhere and does not compare at all. Now with the two new devices Apple has jumped to 128 GB memory and hopefully will maintain it in the devices to come and keep in the competition in view the price range would be maintained.

iPhoen 6 VS iPhone6 Plus


In the rumors it was generally said that iPhone6 battery would be some improvement upon the previous one iPhone 5s. It was taken as good news by the readers. This increase would have governed the user’s longer duration for audio, video and Wi-Fi browsing. The increase was conceded about 10% to 50% and 11 hours respectively. The 3G browsing increase was estimated 20% to 10 hours. These are fairly good figures in improvements. Besides others being true the jump in 3G talk time is about 40% and an increase of 14 hours. This is huge lot of strength of the time and it go beyond imagination; it is 10 days. However LTE browsing is much increased and it is same 10 hours. As compared to other phablets the iPhone 6 plus has considerably in economy of battery power. The audio feature has doubled in time of battery consumption and gone up to 80 hours. Video time has increased about 40% and is now 14 hours. Similarly 3G talk time has increased 10 to 24 hours, 3G browsing has increased from 8 hours to 12 hours. The stand by time has also shown an improvement and gone up to 16 days but somehow Wi-Fi browsing and LTE browsing has not shown much of improvement; it is just 20% increase and gone to 12 hours. All above figures show remarkable improvement in battery consumption and it is certainly a big jump from the previous iPhone 5s. It is really set new trends and set an example for others to follow.

Apple Pay

iOS 8 is a big subject by itself it needs separate deliberation on it. However we can mention something about iOS 8 here particularly with reference to iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus. They have attained a position standing out from others and in the field of mobile payments. The application is known as “Apple Pay”. It contains the features of combining touch ID and pass book, and in case of iPhone 6 es it is known as a digital wallet. This has set standard in the payment industry and has become in harmony with its rivals. They were waiting for this since long.  This is something wonderful about Apple Pay and that is it does not operate in isolation. It has the cooperation of American Express, Master Card and Visa card along with Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One, Well Fargo and Chase giving it access to 80% of the USA market.

Price and Availability

You heard a lot about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus and now we have known the features and the plus points of these handsets should be surprised to think of the price of these devices. Be contended and satisfied that the smaller sets like iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c have gone cheaper; only $99 and free on two years contract. However iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do not follow this trend a 16GB iPhone 6 would ask you to pay $199 straight away, and $299 for 64 GB and $399 for 128 GB. The iPhone 6 Plus adds $100 increase on each category and that is for 2 years contract. The contract free prices are yet to be announced.

These two handsets, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would be available in the market from 19th September while pre orders have already started from 12th September. Apple confirmed that the handset will be available in 115 countries at the same time.

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