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Latest Update, Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs, Released Date And Price

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Samsung has created an unmatched image among the smart phone manufacturers and it is undoubtedly the most used smart phone brand in the world today. Since June 2009, Samsung has enjoyed huge success in the smart phone market, with the launch of its trademark Galaxy brand. The Galaxy phones have been a hit among all the smart phone users as it provides them a stylish, fast performing smart phone which includes all the features that are necessary and required these days by many people. Over the recent past, Samsung has become even more popular with the introduction of its Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S which was launched in 2010 has been followed up by three other additions in the next three years, namely; SII, SIII, S4. The latest model being launched by the giant Korean smart phone maker in the Galaxy range is the new Samsung Galaxy S5.


The most hotly anticipated smartphone of 2014 is certainly Samsung’s flagship smart phone, S5. After the S4 was launched in March last year, rumors were fast spreading as to when Samsung’s S5 will hit the market. With the start of the year, there were many speculations about the design and features that the latest Galaxy S series phone will hold, and the specs were leaked last week and were also confirmed by a very reliable source. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is believed to be launched in two versions. One version will be an all-metallic variant and the other one will be a plastic variant which obviously will be cheaper than the metal one. The major specifications that are reported to be a part of the yet-to-be announced S5 is that this phone gets an impressive 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.1 inches AMOLED display, though it is rumored that Samsung may move away from the AMOLED display and switch towards LCD technology in order to reduce the cost of the handset. The phone will be powered by either an eight-core Samsung Exynos 6 processor or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, with reports coming out that the metal version might feature the 64-bit Exynos processor while the plastic model will have the Snapdragon. Furthermore, the phone is also believed to be packed with a stunning 16 megapixel camera and will run on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.


The Samsung S5 has many other features and specifications that are yet-to-be officially announced and we can just speculate on the most possible functions that could be included in the flagship smart phone. Other features might include an upgradation of the RAM to 2GB and some rumor mills are gossiping a whooping 3GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity of the phone will either be 16GB and 32GB. Other rumored features include a (QHD) display measuring 5.1 inches which will result in a splendid 432 ppi, optical image stabilization for the S5 camera and a 2800mAh battery. All these features were not mentioned in the latest report, but they are now thought to be considered for inclusion in the Galaxy S5.


Samsung has always brought something new every time it has introduced a new device or gadget. This time round with the S5, it is believed that the Korean smart phone company will follow the weather-proof design of Samsung Galaxy S4 active, and will couple it with a dust-proof technology that will make this flagship phone stand above all the others. The resistance to weather and dust gives more weight to the rumor that the S5 will have a metal body, as disclosed above.


The design of the S5 is what everyone’s talking about. It is clear from the features and specifications discussed above that Samsung will create a new design for its latest Galaxy S series smart phone and break away from the familiar designs of the Galaxy SIII and S4. A metal frame will definitely help in changing the design of the Galaxy smart phone and if rumors are to be believed, the new design can also ditch the physical home button which has been ever present in all Samsung’s Galaxy handsets. But those who are hoping for a flexible or curved design will be disappointed to know that Samsung has decided to keep the shape of its fifth flagship iteration as flat as a bed.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 could well be equipped with a finger print scanner or an iris scanner or eventually both. But according to the latest reports, Samsung isn’t too much interested in adopting the Apple styled finger print scanner, instead it is mulling over on including a much advanced security system which is the iris or retina scanner. A Samsung exec while speaking to Bloomberg commented that “Many people are fanatical about the iris scanning technology. We are studying the possibility and it can be included in the Galaxy S5 handset.

This security feature will help the phone to automatically unlock itself, once it has scanned your eyes. If this is true, the Galaxy S5 could well set itself apart from Apple’s iPhone 5s and HTC’s one series.


A top Samsung exec revealed that the flagship phone will not be launched in the upcoming Mobile World Conference (MWC) to be held in Barcelona. This new statement all but ends previous rumors that suggested the Korean giant would unveil the S5 smart phone at the MWC 2014. Recently, another Samsung mobile executive named Lee Young-hee said that the company was aiming for a March-April launch for the flagship phone. After this statement, a detailed report has come out which has disclosed the venue for the launch of the phone. The Galaxy S5 is now rumored to be introduced at a global event scheduled in Barcelona on February 23.

As Samsung is reported to launch the much awaited Galaxy S5 initially in Europe, the price of the plastic version is said to be around 650 Euros (approximately US$850), while the metal variant will be priced higher than the plastic one at about 800 Euros (US$1050). 

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