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Nokia Lumia 1520 VS Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Which One Is Best

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More than at any other time, in the not so distant future we saw a remarkable measure of overwhelming cell phones entering the space – ordinarily known to a significant number of us as "phablet." They're gigantic gadgets that may overwhelm those with little hankerings, yet they serve their motivation in their kind of extraordinary way. Indeed with the sum of the hoopla encompassing "lead" cell phones, these phablets of sorts have turned into a permanent a piece of the industry, as they truly do super-measure things.

For Android, there's no contending that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been the most prized mechanism, not just since its outfitted with today's most forefront equipment, but since Sammy has the capacity to refine the experience by tossing in some convenient characteristics that build its practicality. Then, Windows Phone is presently at long last in the mix, because of the later presentation of the forceful Nokia Lumia 1520. Clearly, these two aren't hesitant to uncover their sizes, however its a fight between the best from every particular stages – so how about we see who can beat the competition!


When it descends to magnificence, we truly need to run with the Lumia 1520 on this one, for the most part in light of its a la mode disposition. Toss in its decreased configuration and the way that its accessible in different shade alternatives, it undoubtedly all serves to get our consideration from a first look. Despite the fact that its not as a la mode, the Note 3 has even more a complex manifestation on account of its socially awkward act cowhide packaging that is further stressed by the sewing around its back. For every last bit of its worth, it simply can't exactly match the alluring star force of the Lumia 1520.

Looking around the edges of both apparatuses, they have a few things in as a relatable point – like their energy catches, volume controls, 3.5mm headset jacks, and different receivers. In any case, the Note 3 dishes up a couple of additional goodies with its bundle. Particularly, they incorporate a speedier micro usb 3.0 port, S-Pen, and an IR blaster that transforms the telephone into a widespread remote. Yes, we like that they both have micro sd openings, however its simpler to gain entrance to with the Note 3, since its in that spot when we uproot its back packaging – though with the Lumia 1520, we need to utilize a SIM evacuation device to enter it. Loftiness is something that they prize exceedingly, so it doesn't astound us that it reaches out into their cameras also. Much like Nokia's other later offering, the Lumia 1520 has the ability to raise a couple of eyebrows because of its number crunching 20-megapixel Pure View camera. The Note 3's 13-megapixel auto-center camera is still a head turner .

Samsung GalaxyNote 3, Lumia 5020

Monstrous is one of the numerous words that can best portray their presentations, yet we can additionally say that they're basically superb too. Sincerely, we like the two presentations similarly, as they have their exceptional possessions that make them so darn adorable. For the Lumia 1520 and its bigger 6-crawl 1080p IPS LCD showcase, we're wowed by its gigantic size doubtlessly, yet it dishes up the stronger shine yield and predominant open air perceivability. On paper, its 368 ppi pixel thickness tally could be lower than the Note 3's count of 386 ppi, however genuinely people, its truly difficult to recognize who truly has the upper hand – even with a nearby investigation with our eyes.

Then again, the Note 3's 5.7-inch 1080p Super AMOLED screen springs up much obliged to some degree to the excessively immersed shades it prepares – providing for it that unpretentious shine to reel us in from a remote place. Survey plots are really better with it, since it looks after its clarity whatsoever points superior to the Lumia 1520, yet it has a tendency to wash out under open air settings. On the other hand, there's a smidge more geek tech included with it, seeing that the screen itself has the capacity to track either our finger, or the S-Pen stylus, as we drift them over the showcase.

Interface and Functionality

 Window Phone 8 with the Gdr3 redesign versus Sammy's Touch wiz Nature UX encounter on top of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. We should get to the point people, power clients will most likely get more esteem out of the Note 3, essentially for the way that its modified Android experience is deeper and more different. It's not to say that the Windows Phone 8 knowledge of the Lumia 1520 can't dish up the same thing, yet as we've seen, in any case it playing catch up in a few territories.

Regarding the matter of having a vivified methodology, there's more than enough that event with Windows Phone 8, as its begin screen truly becomes full of energy all of a sudden with the different live tiles on there. Personalization has been upgraded, for instance how we're given diverse estimating choices for those live tiles, yet regardless it could not hope to compare to the broad personalization viewpoint seen over with the Note 3. Especially, its the manner by which we're fit to rework the greater part of the home screens with different and functional widgets.

With those live tiles with Windows Phone 8, they likewise populate different notices, which can turn into a muddled procedure in light of the fact that they could be spread out in diverse territories of the begin screen. In correlation, the Note 3's warnings board could be gained entrance to at whenever with the swipe of our finger – providing for us a brought together zone where everything is amassed. That, as well as we're provided for some suitable auxiliary capacities also.

To let you know reality, multi-tasking is took care of in a comparative manner between the two telephones, as we're ready to brisk move lock stock and done with applications by depending on their individual multi-tasking perspectives. Notwithstanding, the Note 3 truly raises the stakes with its multi-windows characteristic, which takes into account true multi-tasking as two applications might be utilized at the same time.

For the most part because of Android's longer improvement, it profits by having a wealthier environment of applications and a more intelligent advanced particular aid administration. With the previous, we have a tendency to see applications turn out first with Android – inasmuch as it comes later on with Windows Phone. Also regarding their separate voice aid administrations, there's no addressing that Google Now for Android is light years in front of what the Bing knowledge brings to the table over on Windows Phone. Does it offer more characteristics, as well as its mindful and furnishes us with applicable data.

On the gainfulness side, we truly like we have Microsoft Office is going to play a part with the Lumia 1520. Regardless of failing to offer an Office-like application out of the case, we can clearly download something comparative for the Note 3. Furthermore, Sammy's putting forth has an assembly of helpful benefit applications, such as S-Note and Action Memo, which both depend on the S-Pen stylus, to develop its purpose well past what the Lumia 1520 can give.
At the finish of the day people, the redid Android experience with the Note 3 is more suitable for those force clients. Positively, Windows Phone has come a long way from its lower beginnings, yet the hole between these two encounters is still wide. We like that the Lumia 1520 is preloaded with some Nokia-marked applications that help amplify its worth over different Windows Phones, yet its still no place as all-enveloping to what we can escape the Note 3.

Processor and Memory

For a great while there, the fittings within Windows Phones as a rule appeared to could not hope to compare to what its Android partners advertised. That being said, that absolutely changed with the presentation with the Lumia 1520, as it excessively wears the same processor running within the relentless Galaxy Note 3 – a 2.2ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Soc coupled with the Adreno 330 GPU. Then again, its worth specifying that the Note 3 is furnished with 3gb of RAM – instead of the 2gb in the Lumia 1520. To be perfectly honest, they're both smart and quick with their exhibitions, yet the Lumia 1520's is simply more predictable. It's not a pervasive issue, however off and on again we encounter a few wildness when exploring around the Note 3's home screen. In matching their heavy statures, these two huge young men are pressing along 32gb of inward space, a count that we think about as befitting. Even better, we're fit to supplement their abilities, seeing that they both offer micro sd openings for included expandability. As we've said prior, its barely less demanding to enter with the Note 3.


Alright, did we need anything besides flawlessness with these two in the web scanning division? Of course, they convey all the quality components that make it such a delight to surf the web, however the Note 3 dishes up very much a couple of traps that makes its encounter deeper. For instance, the S-Pen's advantage becomes possibly the most important factor by furnishing us with an exact instrument that mirrors the operations of a rodent cursor – while its Smart Scroll characteristic gives its help in permitting us to parchment vertically with our eyes and some tilt activity.

When they're pointed for a mass business gathering of people, it shouldn't be a stunner to individuals that they're gloating almost the same set of connectivity characteristics –, for example, 4g LTE connectivity, agps, Bluetooth 4.0, double band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and NFC. Going past the typical weapon, the Note 3 packs along some extra comforts, for example, an IR blaster and film out usefulness with the support of a MHL adapter.


Much like Nokia's other later offering, the Lumia 1520 has the capacity to raise a couple of eyebrows because of its number crunching 20-megapixel Pure View camera, which offers a Zeiss lens, an opening of f2.4, double LED glimmer, optical picture stabilization, and 1080p film recording. In spite of the fact that its not as high, the Note 3's 13-megapixel auto-center camera is still a head turner on its own. In tow, it offers a LED blaze, a f2.2 opening lens, and choice to shoot films in 4k determination.

Nokia is planning to catch genuine camera people with its camera application, since it emphasizes truly a couple of diverse manual controls that are available to us. Still, we can't number out the Note 3, much more when it offers comparative alternatives, however the Lumia 1520's camera interface nearly impersonates that of a conventional focus and shoot. Best of all, we're equipped to alter the center physically – inasmuch as its not a choice with the Note 3. Notwithstanding that, with regards to shooting modes, its really Sammy's pride and happiness that hacks up a far reaching count – all of which are approachable through the camera application. On the other hand, the Lumia 1520's camera application doesn't fuse those cool shooting modes. Rather, we need to depend on the Nokia Creative Studio application for the sum of our post photograph impacts.

This is the place things get a spot intriguing, as we pit the 20-megapixel Pure View camera of the Lumia 1520 against the 13-megapixel snapper of the Note 3. As a rule, they take some dumbfounding open air shots that are loaded with a considerable measure of item, vivacious shades, and fitting presentation. Amazingly, the 5-megapixel tests from the Lumia 1520 adversaries the quality put out by its adversary's 13-megapixel tests, however its high-determination 19-megapixel inspects totally draws out all the more fine parts. Of course, we do recognize that the Note 3's comes about have a tendency to display some over-honing components that really help to emphasize its shots.

It could be a nearby race with their qualities when lighting is ample, however under low lighting circumstances, the Lumia 1520 drives its focus home as being the prevalent entertainer. The thinking behind it is halfway credited to its implicit optical picture stabilization module permitting longer presentation time, which thus, generates shots that are observably brighter and more keen than that of the Note 3.

The point when phablet initially moved onto the scene, some individuals were compelled to admit their titan measured screens might be a sum empty on electric cell life. Obviously, that is absolutely not the situation, particularly when these two convey astonishing comes about that are durable. Indeed with overwhelming utilization, their electric storage devices have the capacity to produce a robust one-day of juice – all that anyone could need to relieve even the hungriest of force clients. Still, we recognize that the Lumia 1520 has more gas in the tank at the finish of the day.


Experts Says !We should get down to business, these two are doubtlessly the best phablet entertainers in their separate stages. Then again, as we've looked at the two, its exceptionally evident that the Note 3 has a few favorable circumstances over the newcomer in the space. Of course, they're honored with just about the same set of fittings under the hood, yet its simply the upgrades we see in the altered Android knowledge of the Note 3 that takes it up an indent over the Lumia 1520. Don't get us wrong, Windows Phone 8 is continually developing and creating, however in general, it still has yet to achieve the breakthroughs we've seen out of Android. On top of that, the Note 3 further supplements the experience by incorporating a few neat/redundant characteristics to its bundle.

Despite the fact that the Note 3 is apparently the favored decision for force clients, we can't resist the opportunity to stretch the way that its appended with a premium value focus – one that is still seen as being strong in this day and age. That being said, acknowledging the improvements we see from its modified experience, joined with its incorporation of an IR blaster and S-Pen, its $300 on-contract value is more than defended. Realizing that, we're recently flabbergasted to see that the Lumia 1520 is brandishing an amazing on-contract cost of $100. Heck, that value alone undercuts numerous leader gadgets in the space, providing for it a ton of worth.

When you're looking to spare a ton of cash, while even now being given a gadget that doesn't make bargains in the specs and execution sections, the Lumia 1520 is set to be the mechanism for you. Certainly, Windows Phone 8 may not be on the same level as its opponent, however as we've seen, every iterative upgrade yields upgrades and characteristics that differentiate its purpose. On the flip side of the range, if cash isn't a concern, we'd propose the Note 3 for its deeper usefulness, fantastic execution, and overall performance.

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