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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

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Evolutions cause revolutions and gradually we reach a stage of perfection and after sometimes that perfection also seems to be a very primitive sort of innovation. Taking the sound from one place to some other distant place created ‘tele’ ‘phone’ and later it was perfected from distorted to smooth melodious voice. Still later moving the picture from one place to the other gave birth to ‘tele’ ‘vision’ and yet later the development took place from black and white to colored pictures and that is where we have reached with these developments. 

It was announced in September 2014 and it is expected to be available in the last quarter of the year. The one prominent and the spontaneous comment we can give about this Note is about its 2K display. Although the screen size of Note 3 and Note 4 are the same but the color display is the most outstanding feature of the handset.

Make and Appearance

Samsung has definitely given and ear to the opinions expressed by the users and given it a better design and shape. Galaxy Note 4 is now given a premium look and fine finish by surrounding the screen and the back site with a metallic ring. Holding it in a hand gives a pleasant feel because of its slim design and light weight. In design it has taken some features from Galaxy S5 and has placed the heart rate monitor on the back and the back is also improved in surface though gives the look of faux leather. The Note 4 also inherits features from Note 3 on the differences apparently are negligible.

Physically it measures 153.5 x 78.6x8.5mm having a very negligible difference from Note 3. It weighs 176 grams.

S Pen

S Pen is one of the most attractive parts in the Galaxy Note 4. After the long time Samsung appeared with S Pen on their Note series. The S Pen feature grabbed the attention of the users. In the beginning there are two stylus options present. The options known as Calligraphic and fountain and from the both fountain is more active and clear the use of stylus and make the typing easy for the users and users can type text easily with S Pen.



The tablet is equipped with 5.7 inches display having resolutions 2560 x 1440 and it is just the same as LG G3 has but in performance the display of the Note 4 perform much better. Taking the example of LG G3 that has an LCD panel whereas Note 4 is decorated with Samsung Super AMOLED display with remarkable excellent results. The users familiar with Galaxy Tab S will be familiar with the display of Note 4. In this case the colors are really bright and appeal to your eyes in a very natural manners. Its black is real black because of the AMOLED quality to turn off the pixels completely and to produce the pure black effect.

The Note 4 employs the adaptive display technology just like Galaxy Tab S and adjusts the colors automatically in accordance with temperature and the brightness of the surrounding atmosphere. The Note 4 screen can perform well and face the sun rays very conveniently. Previously the screen size used was 5.1 inches, 5.3 inches and now in case of Note 4 it has emerged as 5.7 inch screen. It has crept to this size over the year through many changes and design requirements. The colors look vivid with clarity with natural hue because of 500ppi.         

  Software and User Interface

The Galaxy Note 4 runs Android operating system 4.4.4 KitKat with pleasant and intuitive interface which is easy to use and users friendly. It is not clustered up with too many apps which are not frequently used and they don’t give the crowding look on the display and keep it neat and clean. However to reach all the application users can go through the icon details and follow the sub menu to reach all the applications. It has the flexibility being customized in placing the apps on the face of the display.

Processor and Memory

The tablet is equipped with two options in processor according to the regions and the chipset and the GPU is also changed according to the processors. The Note 4 model number SM-N910S has  quad core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 system on chip and Adreno 420 GPU. The other Note 4 has SM-N910C model number comes with 1.3 GHz Quad Core Cortex A-53 processor and the same model has another processor speed option. The other speed of the processor is 1.9 GHz Cortex A-57 processor with Exynos 5433 chipset and Mali- T760 GPU.

The tablet is provided with powerful RAM of 3GB to run the system smoothly. It is coupled with on board pre installed memory of 32 GB. The users who feel that the onboard memory is not sufficient and does not serve their purpose to their satisfaction they should not be worried. The tablet has the provision of microSD slot which can extend the memory externally up to 128GB. The combination of processor, chipset and GPU are quite fine and give the fast speed of working to the Note 4. Users can easily download and run the large number of files, perform multiple tasks at once and play heavy 3D games on their Galaxy Note 4 easily without facing the problem of un sufficient memory.


The tablet has been equipped with two cameras for the photography and preserving the memorable moments for ever. The primary camera located at the back consists of 16 mega pixel with 3456x4608 pixels resolution featuring optical image stabilization, auto focus and LED flash. It has the ability of recording HD videos. The front facing camera has the capacity of 3.7 mega pixel with 1080 pixels video recording at30 frames per second speed.

Camera provides good picture editing feature; color and size of the image can be changed, size of the object within the picture can be changed. The text can be deleted and other creative changes can be made. As it is time for the selfies therefore Samsung has not legged behind in this and has put in to features in this. It has the selfie panorama mode like the one in Note 4. A picture can be singled out from the entire scene and isolated. The other feature is of wide angle lens. It provides 120 degrees special view with clarity and minute details. Samsung has combined the heart rate monitor and the front camera trigger in one and has made it easy to manage the front facing camera without taking your thump around the device. It has a good voice recording arrangement also Samsung has placed  three mikes in the tablet; two at the bottom and one on the top and each one has the capability of concentrating  on the specific voice.



The Note 4 is packed with many new and wonderful features therefore need a substantial source of power to run the show. It is no fun to make such a compact device and leave it with weak source of power therefore Samsung must have catered for it in a comprehensive manner. On one hand battery has to be strong and on the other the device has to be power economical and not darning too much out of it to reduce the time of functionality. Presently we do not know the stand by and the talk time of the device with the battery provided. However it has a powerful battery of 3220mAh to energize the device for sufficient duration of time.


There are too many good points to speak for the Note 4. It has a superb screen. The S Pen feature has been improved a lot and the Note comes with a premium looking shape and design. We shall not call the weaknesses or defects but there is couple of things which we may call against the Note. It is not massively changed from Note 3. The other weakness we found is the normal performance of touchwiz which is still not very amazing. Despite having all the good points in design and look we find the back is not all that impressive and has room for improvement.

Despite strong and weak points we yet have a comment for the Note. It is a big change Samsung has made the Quad HD display more than makes up for the repetition of the design changes which still resemble Note 3. Samsung still needs to consider about the much better features of the Note 4.      



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