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We know one thing for sure that just like before, Samsung is not going to confirm any release dates about their new flagship smart phone the Galaxy S6 but by reviewing the previous behaviors, we can say that it’s nearly impossible for the manufacturer to release this smart phone before next year as we also know that we are waiting for Galaxy Note 4 and next month, it’s  coming in the markets around the world and if that’s true, Samsung won’t jeopardize the credibility of Note 4 by releasing another smart phone model before people can actually enjoy the Note 4. Also we can see that Samsung is used to release only one S series smart phone every year and for that matter, we can say this S5 was launched this year so S6 will be coming next year. There are also some rumors about the Galaxy S6 releasing around WMC in 2015 and if that’s true, we know that this conference is going to take place on 2 March, 2015 and the next flagship model, the Galaxy S6 will also be unveiled around that time.

Features and unique specs of Galaxy S6:

Before you judge any of the following rumors or leaks, you should know that before producing it’s next smart phone model, every manufacturer keeps the identity of the model hidden but somehow, potential leaks appear in the market but to make sure that people don’t know anything specific about the model before its launch, manufacturer never denies or confirms any of the leaks. In the same manner, the features of this next flagship smart phone from Samsung are leaks or rumors and even if you don’t believe any of them at all, you should see that most of these expected rumors are very close to the reality and this year, as we have seen a major development in smart phone manufacturing with Samsung releasing S5 with fingerprint scanner, we can expect that next year, it will take a step ahead and we will see something more interesting and unique in the next Galaxy model by Samsung.

First we talk about the display (or should we say expected display) on Galaxy S6 and its surely going to be super AMOLED as it’s the favorite technology used by Samsung. This type of display delivers the best graphics and brightest picture with closer details on the pixels. We know that S5 has a very good display resolution and PPI ratio so the next model will also have an upgrade in the display resolution and PPI ratio. If you want to know about the screen size of Galaxy S6, there are no confirmed leaks about this particular element and it can be anything from 5.1 inch to 5.5 inch but we can see that Samsung will definitely try to use a bigger screen and maybe it’s going to be bigger than 5.5 inch too. There are also some rumors for quite some time that the next smart phone from Samsung will have a curved screen and we don’t know for sure if it is true or not but we can wait for a while to see the screen on Note 4 and then it will be easier for us to make assumptions about the Galaxy S6 and the type of screen that it will have.

Although Galaxy S5 is a huge success and many critics claim that this is the best smart phone of 2014 outnumbering the iPhone 5 but still we know that this new member of Galaxy family received huge criticism from buyers and bloggers because of using a cheaper plastic body on the handset and in the time where HTC and Apple are using full metallic bodies on their smart phones, it just looks dumb that Samsung can’t improve or implement this feature in its smart phone models. Because of the previous talking and criticism, we can expect that there will be huge improvements in the body and exterior design of Galaxy S6 and there are also some potential leaks in the market that just like HTC, Samsung is going to use a brushed full metallic body on its next flagship smart phone in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Image

Now it’s time to talk about the operating system that is expected to be included in the Galaxy S6. We have seen the demos and heard a lot about the new operating system from Samsung called Tizen and a while ago when Samsung claimed to release the OS in the market soon for its new smart phones, we were quite excited about this but somehow the release was delayed and even if Samsung has good reasons, it’s not fair to the fans of Samsung.  Because of these reasons, we can say for sure that the Galaxy S6 will definitely have android L as an operating system except Tizen and even if the manufacturer develops the OS before the launch of S6, there are very few possibilities that it will use the OS for any of its smart phone models before 2016.

Now it is time to discuss the power generator or the engine of the Galaxy S6 including processor, GPU, chipset and Ram. We can say for sure that the Galaxy S6 will have 64 bit processor as android L supports this processor and the smart phone will surely have android L as an OS. While talking about the chipset, it could be snapdragon 808 or 810 and we can also expect that Samsung will release the smart phone with different configuration in different markets. Processor in Galaxy S6 will be more than 2.5GHz or even a new type of processor is just waiting to be released in this smart phone and we only have to wait for the next year when we will have definite news about the new flagship smart phone by Samsung. We have seen up to 3GB of Ram in smart phones this year so we can say that next year, it will be something different either the smart phone will have more Ram or another improved technology i.e. DDR4.

Camera is a huge part of a smart phone and over the past couple of years, we have seen some of the remarkable cameras in smart phones by Samsung so even if we don’t know anything for sure about the camera of Galaxy S6, we can say that either it’s going to be 16MP with improved features and new technology or the manufacturer will include a 20MP high quality camera. We just have to wait and see what comes in front of us by the manufacturer next year. 

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