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Six Premium Smartphones comes with durable metal frame

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The smartphones markets get vast everyday and the competition gets tough between the manufacturers. Everyone tries to push others on its back. For winning this race and getting the good share from different regions companies follow two basic steps. First they increase the launching number of devices with different specifications and offer them in a very economical price and the other step is to provide the handsets with more durability and easy to carry. Most of the companies use the plastic material for making the handset body lighter. There is no doubt that manufacturers use high quality plastic for making the handset frame but they forget one thing metal body is more durable instead of plastic and the other main factor is metal transmit the waves quickly rather than plastic. After material selection, companies look towards the design of the handsets.  They try to provide sleek and slim design to the handset with low weight.

But there is a drawback. Metal increases the cost of production for the companies because of this reason most of the companies emphasize to make the handset with plastic body and very few handsets come in metal frame. Here we are going to mention some premium handsets with metal frame. These handsets make the debut in 2014 and get popular amongst the users very quickly. Some handsets are already in the hands of the users and some of them are still waiting to hit the markets and those handsets will be available pretty soon.

Sony Xperia Z2

 Sony doesn’t need the chain of words for introduction. They are one of the giant manufacturers in the making of house hold electronic items as well as smartphones. Sony Xperia Z2 is one of the dazzling smartphones has a solid metal frame. The handset gives the stylish pleasure to the users because of its adorable design. The handset is available in three charming colors Black, White, Purple. For more information please check our Xperia Z2 Page.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

This is the new upcoming handset presented by Samsung. The handset is based on simple and premium design. But Samsung knows that was not easy to reach towards the success without having a solid ground because of this reason Samsung gives the solid metal frame to the handset with stylish and soft back cover. But there is no means that the handset has a thick body. In fact the handset has only 6.7 inches thin bezel. Because of the slim body Samsung claims this is the thinnest smart phone from the Samsung which contains a solid metal body. Here are the complete details about Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro

Lenovo is here to give the open challenge to the competitors. Lenovo present its fully metal construed giant; yes we are speaking about “Vibe Z2 Pro”. The handset has a complete metal frame with striking look. Delicate look of the handset increases the worth of the handset. With its entire metal frame the handset has only 7.7 mm thick body. In few words the handset is attractive high end device. For complete specifications, price and release date of the handset watch Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro page.

Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei launched quite a few body solid handsets and this is the reason they capture the markets easily. Against the current trend Huawei launched Ascend P7 in metal frame. This is the constructed smartphone which gives the finest glass look with metal body. Huawei Ascend P7 carries 6.5mm thin body. These measurements of handset body placed the handset in slimmest handset category. Users can see complete details of Huawei Ascend P7 in the official web-page.

HTC One mini 2

Mind always travels towards the better. The HTC One Mini 2 is the live example of this. This is the compact version of HTC ONE Mini. The handset offers many identical things like HTC ONE M8 but the major difference is the handset is mini in size. The body of the handset is made very ideally. The handset has a solid brush metal body which increases the charisma in the handset body and people easily attracted towards the handset. For more information please have a look HTC ONE MINI 2 page.

Apple iPhone 5s


Apple is a respected brand and users trust on the brand of Apple blindly. Apple makes remarkable handsets. iPhone 5s is one of them and still stands in good looking smartphones line. Apple made the handset with glass, metal and stainless steel and this is one of the best combinations for making the solid handset. The handset has a stunning look with its glass metal frame. For complete information please view iPhone 5s page.

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