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Sony Xperia Z3, Features, Specs and Expected Release Date

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There was a time when Nokia had it all and then we saw number of other smart phone manufacturers in the market that introduced some of the best smart phones over the past decade and Sony is also one of them. over the past couple of years, we have seen some of the remarkable handsets, truly the flagship mobiles from this manufacturer and by keeping the tradition alive, Sony launched Xperia Z2 in April 2014, earlier this year and for those who know this manufacturer in any better way, it was definite that Sony is again going to launch its next smart phone within 6 months of the release of its previous flagship smart phone, the Xperia Z2.

And now we have it under good authority that Sony is going to launch its next flagship smart phone, the Xperia Z3 in August 2014 and there are chances that this smart phone will be released in two versions; the Xperia Z3 and Z3 compact. Z3 compact will be a smaller handset as compared to the Z3 itself and there are some rumors that unlike its predecessors, Z3 compact is going to look like iPhone 5 because of the slimmer and sleeker body.

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Some may wonder that why Sony looks in such a hurry that it’s not ready to give more than 6 months to a handset before releasing a new one but, if you know the smart phone market in any way, you should know that competition is getting stronger and very serious each day. Unlike older times, now a smart phone has to compete with more than 5 models from other manufacturers and this is not something very common. With such huge competition, cell phone manufacturers always work under massive pressure and to make sure that they still stand on top of the other manufacturers in the world; they have to release new models one after another.

A few months back, we met with Xperia Z2, a really excellent model equipped with some of the unique and most interesting features of that time and it was the same model that convinced most of the cell phone users to switch from iPhone, Samsung and Nokia to Sony Xperia smart phone family. All the smart phones that were released before and after April 2014, Xperia Z2 stand distinguished among all of them and the success of the smart phone model along with iPhone, Samsung and LG showed that people at Sony are taking this competition very seriously and they just don’t want to quite neither to lose the competition of acquiring the most number of buyers in the international market.

In the same manner, we can see that Xperia Z3 has pretty big shoes to fill on behalf of its predecessors i.e. Z1 and Z2, the flagship mobiles of their time. It’s not hidden that Xperia Z3 will have to compete with Galaxy S5, Nexus 6, iPhone 6, HTC One M8 and LG G3 and people are really expecting something unique from Sony this time. If it’s going same like it’s previous version, the Xperia Z2 with 5.2 inch full HD LCD, resolution of 1080X1920 P, 20.7MP primary rear facing camera with excellent features and image capturing, 3GB of Ram and 2.3 GHz processor, we can imagine that this next flagship smart phone from Sony may wipe the floor with the asses of Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia.

The thing with the potential leaks about the next smart phones is that no one can make sure that they are talking about the exact thing and most of the time, the readers have to rely on the rumors and just some leaks from different sources. We are not claiming to be equipped with the exact knowledge of Xperia Z3 either but with these leaks and unveiling, we can provide you enough ground to stand on and thing what the new Xperia Z3 will look like and there are chances that just like previous rumors and leaked features of different smart phones from our platform, you will find most of the features in next smart phone.

Rumors have that Sony is going to reduce the Display size of the next Xperia smart phone the Z3 and this handset will have a 4.5 full HD 720 P LCD. It seems like a mistake that the previous model was equipped with 1080P LCD and now after 6 months of that, Sony is going to release a smart phone that has lower features but the fact is that Sony wants to keep the price of this smart phone lower than most of the other smart phones i.e. iPhone 6, HTC One M8 and LG G3. In the same manner, Z3 will also included only 2GB of Ram but the good news is that this smart phone will be equipped with 2.5 GHz of processor which is bigger and faster than the previous model.

Rumors also have that there will be a lot of updates with the camera and camera features of Xperia Z3 as it will be equipped with around 23.7 MP of camera and additionally, will also include the OIS feature. OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization that is a unique and new feature in smart phone manufacturing. This feature enables and helps both the camera and the users to take non-blurry and brighter images even when there is no light or the object is moving quickly. Additionally, there will be a secondary camera too on the Xperia Z3 but it’s just a basic 2.2MP camera that can only be used for video calling but won’t take good pictures in regular routines.

There is also a leak or much of a potential rumor that Xperia Z3 may include a curved screen which is a very expensive feature as we have seen it in some of the models of Samsung and HTC and those smart phones were very costly around $700. This means that Sony can’t ask the buyers to pay for such a huge price just for the curved LCD but in order to win the race between HTC, Samsung and iPhone, Sony has to keep the price of the Z3 lower than the iPhone 6 or maybe even lesser than $500 and if this happens, there are pretty good chances that the next flagship smart phone from Sony will definitely rule the market in a month or two when it will be released in August or September of the same year. 

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