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The Next big OS by Apple, iOS 8 New Updates and features

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Apple is a big name in the computer, tablets and mobile phone industry. It has a long background of hard work, expertise and experience in the field. While looking at its history it has been consistently developing and releasing software on annual basis with regularity. All software developed by Apple whether for computers, tablets or phone phones have been successful and history making events. One just cannot have a look and forget it. Infect it has made the electronic world on the move continuously. An operating system is a platform to run applications on the device. If the platform is efficient the applications runs smoothly with efficient results. Now in the recent WWDC 2014 it has announced iOS8 and it is not a new innovation; the tradition is on since years and with success.  It has added many new features in its new operating system “iOS8”.

 Compatible Devices

iOS 8 is not absolutely a new invention in isolation rather it is continuity of iOS previously developed. Therefore this will be compatible with iPhone 4S and later models and iPad2 and models after it. However previous versions of these devices will not be compatible for iOS8. The lists includes iPad mini and iPad mini 2 tablets and iPad touch 5th generation are always there to work with iOS8 smoothly and efficiently. All the devices previously working on iOS7 can be upgraded with the new operating system iOS8. Characteristically these devices are capable of blue tooth connectivity and can work on Apples latest software may it be iOS7, iOS8 or any other version to come.

iOS 8 will have restrictions on Mac integration whereas it will be fairly convenient for Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This software includes some security and health applications.

Touch ID Interface

So far Apple’s scanner for finger print has been functioning to bypass lock screen and to buy iTunes stores applications but now it has changed for the developers to login a5 digit tool. Hence forth the access will be through biometric scanning in place of conventional passwords. Presently it applies to iPhone 5s but later iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 will be included. This was something wonderful demonstrated at WWDC that banks tried it to identifier the third party which expanded the use beyond merely unlocking the screen and iTune access. Now you don’t have to remember or forget the passwords, it is a history now. The bankers may identify you by biometric identification application but they cannot access this information which is well secured by A7 processor.

Voice & Video Chat With Group

It has made possible Group audio and video chat by adding people in to the group. While simultaneously you can drop or silence the in active or undesired participants.  Location sharing between the two connected devices. Previously this was a standby feature whereas now it is through iMessenger. 

SMS and phone calls facility on Mac

Shifting or cross compatibility between iOS devices and Macs is another addition. Those who leave iOS8 for some reason will come back for its feature of sms and voice calls. This compatibility also extends to 13 inch MacBook Air which is capable of receiving messages and calls being made on your other Android device.

Relevant notifications

On interactive notifications can be responded on any Mac computer if it is upgraded with iOS8 for such notifications and other applications. On any notification you can tap and react to it without going to lock screen action.

Quick type keyboard Suggestions

Apple has added another useful feature in iOS8 keyboard and has made it a smart keyboard by adding auto text and suggestion text as you type a message on any other text. It saves time by offering you the relevant suggestions and putting it on the text without wasting time in typing it.  

This feature also includes third-party sharing options, notification center widgets, custom actions and photo editing tools.


Health application

Apple also included health kit in its new iOS8 which collects all related data of the owner and compiles it in a logical order. It records your heart rate, calories consumption, blood sugar and cholesterol level and compiles it sequentially. This can automatically be transmitted to another person, like your doctor, if you have so programmed it

Home Kit

Apple has added another wonderful feature through an application by which you control your electronic implements installed in your home and it can take care of everything you want it to do, to mention locking the doors or turning off the lights.  

Siri at your service

Siri application is a voice identification facility, it can act upon your orders whatever you have putting by recording your voice in to it. Therefore its performs any actions which is attached with some applications through your voice, may it be controlling your electronics or searching some songs which it will bring to you in just no time. "Hey Siri"  followed by command is enough and the rest will be done iOS8.

iCloud a useful feature

previously it was only 5GB free space for the iCloud good enough for the less expensive Dropbox account. iOS8 has put up a tough competition with iCloud drive to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft One Drive and the dozens of other file sharing services.

iCloud enabled iOS8 Photos is another very useful  application; it allows you editing and can be saved on all other Apple devices automatically if you so desire.  

Release date

Since it has been announced therefore the developers are at liberty to get it right now but common users have to wait for quite some time maybe till September. However iOS8 beta version is readily available. Well let us see how it comes out to be when we use it.


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