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Zte Mobile In Afghanistan - Prices, Reviews And Latest Updates

ZTE Axon M
AFN 49,823
ZTE Axon 7s
AFN 47,775
ZTE Axon Lux
AFN 37,538
ZTE Grand X2 In
AFN 36,855
ZTE Nubia Z7
AFN 34,125
ZTE Nubia Z9
AFN 34,125
ZTE Nubia Z17
AFN 34,125
ZTE Axon 2
AFN 34,125
ZTE Nubia Z17s
AFN 34,125
ZTE Nubia Z9 Lite
AFN 32,760
ZTE Nubia Z11
AFN 32,760
ZTE Grand S3
AFN 31,395
ZTE Nubia Z5
AFN 30,713
ZTE Axon 7
AFN 30,713
ZTE Axon Elite
AFN 30,713
ZTE Axon phone
AFN 30,713
ZTE Nubia X6
AFN 30,030
ZTE Nubia X8
AFN 30,030
ZTE Axon 7 Max
AFN 30,030
ZTE Axon Pro
AFN 29,348
AFN 28,665
ZTE Axon Max
AFN 28,665
ZTE Nubia M2
AFN 27,300
ZTE Nubia Z9 Max
AFN 25,935
ZTE Grand S
AFN 25,253
ZTE Z9 Mini
AFN 25,253
ZTE Nubia Z11 Max
AFN 24,570
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zte Mobile Phone Prices

All Latest & best zte Mobile Phone Prices in Afghanistan 2018, Afghanistan's daily updated zte android, 3G and 4G LTE phone Price list in AFN, Cheapest zte Smartphone price AFG.

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