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BlackBerry Android phone Venice & Prague release date specs & New Features

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BlackBerry is holding the attention of the world and the name in itself is also a status symbol and does not need to become famous. BlackBerry is expected to be driving two Android-powered smartphones. This is the key thing that we consider the BlackBerry "Prague" and "Venice" including specs, expense and release date.

There are three cardinal operating systems in the smartphones world with Windows Phone (expected fundamentally Windows 10), Android and iOS, so it's perhaps not greatly shocking that BlackBerry should be making an Android-powered smartphones. Here is what we got about the BlackBerry Android phone so far including specs, release date and expense. 

The smartphones business is a competitive place and even eye catching names like HTC and Sony are locking the horns. BlackBerry has been circulating for a long time and though there was a short lived period where it was cool to claim one as a youngster, those days are turned into an ancient history.

It really came into the sight that the commuters carrying BlackBerry yet what number of them have a second phone? It's a good omen that BlackBerry is on the plan to bounce back with two exceptionally new devices, codenamed "Prague" and 'Venice', which goes on running on Google's popular Android iOS. 


BlackBerry Prague and Venice release date and expense

Through sneaked information from N4BB, would be BlackBerry smartphone running Android launching ceremony will be held in August. It is not cleared but we will stay in touch with you regarding the updates and we will also track the rumor with in-depth information. So the "Prague" model with the "Venice" is arriving in November as the supposition is sticking to us.

As the rumor concerning low-end specs, we can only recline on the assumption that the price would be stay alike but the competition will entering to against the devices like Moto E and other mobile network phones like the EE Harrier and Vodafone Smart Prime 6.

BB Android phone Venice and Prague features and specs

May be you are thinking that the BlackBerry would stand up against the big guns LG G4, the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 with high ended premium specs but the BlackBerry Prague is a low end phone like the supposition runs. It will carry a form factor resembling the BlackBerry Z3 without physical keyboard. The display of the Z3 has a 5in 540 x 960, along with dual core processor and a 5Mp camera.

On the other hand The BlackBerry Venice, resembles like it will give premium specs including a Snapdragon 808 CPU, a 5.4in Quad HD demonstrate and 3GB of RAM. The rumor also exists about an 18Mp rear camera seated behind and a 5Mp front facing camera.

The Venice is appearing on the scene means a "slider", it will be featured a slide-out physical keyboard. It was exhibited at MWC 2015 but no more than a glimpse of it.

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