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HTC One M8 With Windows Operating System Review

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In the recent past HTC and Microsoft had close partnership relationships and as a result Windows mobile phones really made good progress and captured the market but the business world is not static it is always dynamic and moving. HTC gave a second thought to this relationship and preferred to shift to Android based smartphones.


When Microsoft developed windows based phone platform, HTC gave a support to it by employing this software in their mobile phone. At that time the other rival companies were doing the same. This continued last year by all manufacturers. Gradually HTC shifted its focus from windows and finally gave up this platform in favor of Android operating system and completely discontinued with windows.

Once again we find HTC using the windows phone platform in its new HTC ONE M8, wherein windows operating system with all its features has been installed. Nokia’s Lumia series has lately used windows platform. HTC using windows has come in focus once again. Let us see what all it contains.


 In design feature HTC One M8 is just similar in appearance as its Android powered versions. Finding a change from Android to windows is quite a change from the usual looking features of Android in Nokia Lumia series.

It is quite pleasing to see a new device from HTC that is windows based and is the latest product by the name HTC ONE M8. Previously only Nokia series were utilizing the windows operating system. However otherwise there is no major change from the previous Android powered HTC ONE M8 that we have been seeing for quite some time.


Considering it a new product the users expected a premium design that would be made from quality brushed aluminum. Users expected something more and new. They had a picture of HTC Window Mobile smartphone of superior design in their mind. Despite this the look of HTC ONE M8 is quite impressive and there is seriously no complaint about it. We find nothing lacking in a Windows based smartphone which is there in Android powered version and Windows version does not have.


It is difficult to talk about screen because we find no difference in the display of this device and the already existing one. However to be very specific there are some minor changes. Very wisely HTC has not disturbed the pattern and the style of Android powered HTC One M8 while designing the same device and making it windows based. All design features are the same. HTC ONE M8 with windows operating system has 5-inch 1080 x 1920 Super LCD-3 display with Gorilla Glass 3.

Having the same display quality it has the same outlook with all it brightness and vivid colors and same viewing angles. However it is better than before that it is stronger in brightness 510 nits and color temperature of ~7100 K. Beyond that, they match each other in pretty much all aspects!

User Interface and Functionality


Although HTC has used windows 8.1 in HTC One M8 Windows Phone and given a windows experience to the users but has also added its own developed apps to make a little change. The change is really not much because it cannot over through windows. Many users may not have noticed but this is the first smartphone from HTC using windows phone 8.1 operating system with many improvements by HTC’s indigenous apps. In case of Microsoft digital voice assistant service Cortana   has been replaced with the new notification panel to place all notifications at one place and we have more flexibility of customization of start screen. HTC manages to throw in a few exclusives.

In the previous window phones HTC had included its own Sense UI 6 as we had seen in Android based M8. In the present case they include HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Camera, HTC Photo Edit, and HTC Sense TV.

Processor and Memory

HTC ONE M8 Windows has not much difference from the Android version. The new handset is featured with 2.3GHz Quad Core processor and pair with Snapdragon 801 system on chip. This is the finest combination of processor and chipset. HTC placed 2 GB RAM along with 32GB on board memory. If anyone want more capacity then they will have option to increase the on board memory after insertion of microSD card. Users can easily download and run large number of files as well as heavy game file without facing the low memory problem and they can safe there data in one place on their handset. This handy data bank will always keep them and the users can access their data anywhere.


The new HTC One M8 Windows is equipped with the same duo camera system that gives the same feel and cool post focusing effects. However the overall image quality and the photographic results are not very different.

It has the same 4 mega pixel 1/3” sensor dubbed the “UltraPixel camera,” which is equipped with dual-LED flash, 1080p video recording, BSI, and f/2.0 aperture lens. The front facing camera is a wide angle 5 mega pixel piece of equipment and includes. The camera of the handset is also featured with same HTC sense camera interface as the Android based handset has. 


We already told the users that the handset has no difference beside the operating system. This new version is powered with same 2600mAh battery. The battery is quite powerful and gives the sufficient backup to the handset and users may not worry about the power because this is sufficient for the whole 1 day, 24 hours for all purposes. Moreover it has a battery saver mode as well. But probably it is not as efficient as in Android power M8“extreme power saving mode.” If the battery runs the device efficiently for 24 hours and gives uninterrupted performance the users should be satisfied with this capacity of the power source placed in the handset.  



HTC has probably taken a good decision to adopt windows phone operating system to its new device HTC ONE M8 Windows which has provided diversity in performance for the users. They have now windows experience as well as a mixed apps experience that is HTC‘s own development. With this change we have a premium quality and high profile smartphone available through us.

With all these changes and diversity yet the handset has a moderate price of $99.99. On the contrary the competitors are also not sitting idle and are active. Nokia Lumia icon gives incentive to the users by offering free through Verizon. 


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