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Acer Iconia tablets prices in Afghanistan

Acer Iconia Talk S
  AFN 14,250
Acer Iconia Tab 8
  AFN 18,750
Acer Iconia B1 721
  AFN 10,500
Acer Iconia B1 720
  AFN 12,000
Acer Iconia A1 830
  AFN 11,250
Acer Liquid Z5
  AFN 16,500
Acer Iconia Tab A3
  AFN 26,250
Acer Iconia Tab A110
  AFN 12,000
Acer Iconia Tab A210
  AFN 21,000
Acer Iconia Tab A700
  AFN 25,500
Acer Iconia Tab A701
  AFN 42,000
Acer Iconia Tab A511
  AFN 51,750
Acer Iconia Tab A510
  AFN 33,750

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