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Bangladesh is a massive South Asian market when it comes to smartphone industry. The country has been on the course of growth and progress in recent years which has helped country to attract international brands in Bangladesh.

Though the economic indicators for Bangladesh has been on the rise for almost half a decade, the smartphone industry of the country still remains in its younger stage. Bangladesh’s smartphone market is dominated by users interested in low to middle priced smartphones. Lower mobile prices in Bangladesh can be seen as the direct indicator of success of failure of any brand.

The most successful and the biggest selling mobile phone brand in Bangladesh for past many years has been “Symphony”. Symphony is a smartphone distribution company that sells Chinese manufactured sets at lower mobile prices in Bangladesh. The brand is known to offer its customers great features in delightful and appealing shape and offered at amazingly lower mobile prices in Bangladesh. The company saw its first boom on its very first launch and in no time was able to capture loyalty of Bangladesh customers. Even today Symphony remains the single biggest mobile phone seller in Bangladesh with its market share crossing 50%. The success of Symphony mobiles is attributed primarily to its lower mobile prices in Bangladesh and secondly due to customer’s loyalty. Whatever the reasons be, Symphony mobiles have remained the single largest mobile selling brand in the country for a very long time.

Apart from Symphony, there are no clear leaders in mobile phone industry of the country. Many Chinese brand have directly entered into the market with Huawei leading them. Huawei mobiles have been able to accentuate loyalty of significant numbers of consumers with its middle end smartphones offered at affordable mobile prices in Bangladesh. Other Chinese based brands including Oppo, ZTE etc. are competing for their due share in the market.

Like in many other South Asian country, Samsung is the only international player that has successfully managed to gain some grounds in the country’s market. The tactical strategy devised by the company of lowering their mobile prices in Bangladesh while keeping some premium features intact has bear fruits. The company has launched many low to middle end smartphone series in the country that has been doing well in market. Moreover, the flagship Galaxy S series has also performed reasonably well – thanks to Samsung’s global sake and reputation.


Just like in other South Asian countries including Pakistan and India, iPhone performance and sales has remained below par in Bangladesh. The North American and Europe giant has failed to manage their mobile prices in Bangladesh which represents the company’s firm believer of keeping maximum profits at all times. Though iPhone has some die-heart customers in the country, unless the company decides to tow down its mobile prices in Bangladesh, the company isn’t gaining much from the market. 

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