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Android Marshmallow detailed Features review

Maq Ahmed Editor Rating: 3.9 / 5


Recently Google rock with its two new Nexus smartphones and the update Android operating system “Marshmallow”. This new sweet treat is full with many functions and it is expected that the operating system will give the new experience to the Android users. The new version is operating system has many new features which increase the working ability to operate the system, completely compatible with Android devices and compact in the account of capacity and economical in battery consumption. Here we are going to discuss the features of Android Marshmallow in details.

Android M new features

Now on tap

Google newly add the feature called “Now On Tap” which is the most impressive feature in Android M. This Now feature is applicable to the entire operating system and immediately can operate the required application. A long press on the Home button will bring Now on screen and selecting it will bring the users to whatever the user doing on this application.  The feature is attached with some meaningful context sensitive and efficient search algorithms which scan the content users are looking for and provide the exact information according to the requirement.

Android Operating System


Google is always considering the battery life and they try to improve them but in the case of Android M Google increased the standby power with the help of newly embedded feature “DOZE”. This feature automatically aware and starts working when the device gets sleep and start saving the battery power of the handset.  

App Permissions

Android is not open to allow free permission for all the apps to avoid congestion in its programs. If a user desires to use some app, it will ask the permission to install it. You may permit for once or forever and it will allow accordingly. This barrier stops undesired apps to enter your system.   

Fingerprint sensors and Android Pay

Before the Android M, the fingerprint sensor support was not available which is one of the security means. Now in Android Marshmallow fingerprint sensor support has been provided. Another feature Android Pay is also available. Fingerprint support denies the free access to your smartphone by any unauthorized person and it can remain the status of a personalized smartphone. 

Multi-app & split screen support

The split screen is the convenience for the users. The Android M comes with this built in app which allow the users to users to use two apps at once and the operating system split the apps and provide the side by side view. This feature has already appeared in Samsung Note’s, but that was not the part of Android OS, but now the multitasking feature is the part of Android M.

Chrome Custom Tabs 

Besides stated above features Google also added Chrome Custom Tabs to Android. This feature allows the users to create their own personalized browser tabs. 

Flappy Bird appearance

Google has maintained its pleasant feel of the interface as in previous case the easter egg was open to display certain apps but now in new version of operating system a Flappy Bird appears which users has to guide to fly to the required app. 

Bottom Line

In Marshmallow, the flappy bird takes the place of Easter Egg. The features added to Marshmallow are certainly the improvement in technology. Hopefully with new features the users will have the better experience.

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