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This is the time of electronic gadgets of different types; here we have a smartphones and here you find a phablet, moving ahead we find tablet. Each of them is made so attractive and full of features that to a common consumer that looks to be the best and decision making gets difficult. Average customer goes for the appearance and the display and some very curious people get into the details of specs. Once a person decides to buy one then price is the final consideration. At present we have moved from smartphones to tablets and we find a flood of them in the market. Each tablet coming from a reputed company has its unique features. Samsung is a big name and you cannot easily find the fault in their product, Sony is another giant whereas Apple, Google and Microsoft are the very big names in the industry. This competition goes to the favor of consumers because they get a perfect product at a competitive price. Each company tries to make its device better than the other and the consumers have the chance to buy best of the better. Here we have listed few tablets that we feel are the best at the moment available in the market.           

iPad Air 2


iPad Air 2 was announced in October 2014 and available in the market. It is the very high configured and the price of the device starts from $499 and this is the price of 16 GB Wi-Fi  model and the price goes up to $100 according to the on board memory capacity. The main features that go in to the favor of this tablet are fully laminated display and Antireflective coating which may gives the clear visuals than ever. It has exceptionally fast in processing speed and has beautiful body and slimmest dimensions. Beside that improved camera features and stronger screen than iPad Air 1 are the distinguishing features. Incidentally it has some weaknesses that do not go in favor of this tablet. Since it is very slim we find it delicate and we doubt its strong body. The speaker placement is not very proper therefore affects the sound quality.

iPad Air 2 has 9.7 inches large IGZO LED-backlit LCD display having 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution and the screen of the tablet is starch proof Apple A8X chipset and has triple-core 1.5 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM and 16/64 and 128 GB of memory option there is no card slot present and the tablet is featured with 8 mega pixel rear and 1.2 mega pixel front facing camera with Non-removable Li-Po battery (27.3 Wh) and its runs iOS 8 operating system.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and 8.4 inches


 Samsung introduced this stylish and premium tablet after MCW 2014 and it comes in two type of screen sizes one is 10 .5 inches and the other one is 8.4 inches and they both equipped with Samsung’s own screen technology known as AMOLED they are only 6.6 mm thick and a bit thick in comparison with Apple iPad Air 2 they follow dotted pattern like Galaxy S5. Like other the device has many good features but at the same time also has some bad features as well the good features are excellent screen because of its resolutions, profusion of power gives the sufficient backup and battery life is good and the tablets bad features are behind in design and build quality, limited onboard memory extension only up to 64 GB and a lots of apps are missing and some built-in apps are not attract the users.

iPad Mini 3


iPad Mini 3 is characteristically better introduce to the users for Touch ID included in this model, good performance of the operating system and smooth and seamless sequence of actions and the most important it has long battery life. However users are also aware that it has only a few upgrades and there is not much versatility in that. Moreover there is in $100 difference in price. The price starts from $399 which is the price of 16 GB Wi-Fi model and goes up to $599 for 128GB model. It does not have any improvement over the predecessor and lack of upgrades goes against the price demanded. There are only two additional features, Apple Pay and the finger print sensor otherwise there is nothing much to favor this device.         

Google Nexus 9


Nexus 9 cost $506 which is probably the cost of software rather than any hardware. It is specified for Android lollipop upgrade which is the latest and this flagship has been selected for this upgrade initially. It has 8.9 inches screen with lollipop interface showing improved notifications, re designed Gmail and calendar apps the speakers are just right. In fact Nexus 9 is so perfect that it provides a model for others to follow to make the tablets. The strong points of this tablet includes ideal aspect ratio of screen which is 4:3, runs latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, Knock-to-wake feature and strong speakers which enhance the sound quality. Some weakness include that the cost has increased, unimpressive designed and no provisions for extension of external memory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)


Samsung is the second largest manufacturer and seller of tablets and smartphones certainly because of quality and performance of their devices. The company is deeply dedicated to style and performance, which is manifest in its latest Galaxy Note 10.1 which is selling in the market against the price of $449. The new model of Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 is fine adaptation of the previous one but it is less in thickness and lighter in weight than the previous model it runs Android and all its apps. The stunning visuals on the display are result of the update and the tablet come with S Pen to make it convenient for you for precision purposes the strong points of this tablet are: bigger screen, better design, a perfect camera and S Pen. However on the negative side it does not give very decent look, the touch wiz UI is not very impressive and is expensive.

Nexus 10


Previously it was launched in 2012 launched by Google and now it is again being re launched as Nexus 10 2, 2014 by Google. It is the biggest size tablet having 10 inches screen with large, high quality display and simple curved design just the copy of Nexus 7. It has the power of 1.7 GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 16 or 32GB on board storage making it well configured respectable device. It is capable enough to accommodate and run smoothly Google’s Android operating system. Though it is adopted from Nexus 7 but it has many improved features.  Looking its pros and cons, the strong points are: Powerful processor, High-resolution screen and Android 4.4 operating system. Slightly on the negative side No advance 3G/4G connectivity option, No expandable storage and faded and not very clear colors for media.

Sony Xperia Z3


Sony Xperia Z3 being the latest arrival has some good features over the previous one. This tablet is full of technology, compact characterized by good display and surprisingly in very thin body which measures 6.4mm only and moreover it is water proof. It play station 4 ability, though not very stable is not found in any other Android tablets. It screen with good resolution is able to compete the others successfully. It is light weight and handy to carry conveniently. On the negative side the display is slightly dimmer and the appearance is not very impressive or as premium as the Xperia Z3 smartphone. It has higher price than iPad Mini 3 which is its competitor in the market. The tablet is available in $540 price. We can say it is full of all the features of technology and slim, water proof, nice looking screen and over all general good look go in favor of it. To act as play station 4 is another added feature that gives upper edge to this tablet over the others.

Nokia Lumia 2520


This is the first Lumia 2520 phablet + smartphone from Nokia and it worked as tablet and phone and fulfill the both purposes announced in October and available in February 2014 with the price tag of $500 this is the 10. 1 inches large display tablet which is made up with shiny plastic for keeping the device away from the stains and the screen of the phablet is protected with Gorilla Glass type 2 and it runs Windows R 8.1 operating system the screen of the tablet delivers 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution which makes the screen operate able even in sun light and it embedded with Quad-core 2.2 GHz Krait 400, Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 Chipset and Adreno 330 GPU and has 2 G RAM and 32 GB On board memory which can be extended up to 32 GB via micro SD card and energized with Non-removable 8000 mAh battery Stand By Up to 600 hours Talk Time Up to 10 hours to the device which is quite enough the good things of the tablet is attractive design which is quite sleek, bright display make the device useable in sun light, great battery life gives the sufficient back up to the device, fast charging, speedy performance and built-in LTE and the dark side of the device is Windows RT underpowered which cannot be updated, No Kickstand for holding the device and there is lack of  full sized USB port and only micro USB connected to the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3


 Surface Pro 3 is the biggest tablet of Microsoft which is not only the tablet if you attached the external key board with the device it fulfill the requirement of the laptop as well and this is the successor of previous revealed Surface Pro 2. The new tablet was come with many changed which are considered to be the high specs in the tablet line of Microsoft. The cost of the tablet is different according to the memory capacity and the processor cores the price starts from $800 and this is the cost of core i5 model if users want better core and hard drive they need to pay the charges according to their selected model. Like any other product this device is also has some strong points and some weaknesses although you may not call them the defects. It is only mater of comparison with other products and we find some weak areas compare to others. On the strong side this is extra ordinary slim and only has 0.36 inches thick and light in weight. It is easier to use and has fact performance, the display is tremendously good and the keyboard is so flexible that you can turn it to any comfortable angle. Some of the weaknesses are: the quality of the keyboard is not good and not at all comparable to the laptop. It does not fit on the box also not easily manageable in use and battery life is not very long. Despite all the good and bad this is the biggest tablet from Microsoft and they take pride in it if the keyboard is improved maybe it can prove to be the replacement of a laptop.

Kindle Fire HDX 7


Amazon is also in the field of tablet making and recently launched Kindly Fire HDX7 and particularly with a focus on downloading the books from Amazon. On this particular device you do not browse the web or do anything else like email, you can only download the books from Amazon and enjoy them. This device is restricted to only browse Amazon about their books and watching their media it has extra ordinary resolution of 323 ppi and has 2.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor having 3 times more speed than its earlier model of kindle Fire HD tablets. The device has a powerful battery for running the application for 11 hours and only for reading it can last up to 17 hours. Its strong points are its innovation, good big screen and fast performance. However on the negative side it has dark spots on the screen, browser is not very efficient and the games are probably out dated. Despite all these good and bad points it is a good initiative on the part of Amazon to delicate a gadget like this purely for book reading purpose which is an effective and innovative way of reaching to the books with convenience. With all the good features and the useful purpose it serves it is not very costly device and is available in $229 only.


 In the above paragraphs we have discussed best tablets available in the market and at this moment. Each one of them is a master piece of technology and packed with features of utility for the users. The competition in this industry has made it possible for the users to have latest technology in their hand easily and in abundance. It is the competition again that has kept the prices low and within the range of an average user who wishes to enjoy and make use of these tablets. Tablet is advancement over smartphones in size and configuration. Basically it was the visuals that led to the idea of bigger screen and secondly to find out something in between smartphone and a laptop. Someday we may find these tablets working as laptops and setting new trends in communication technology.


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