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Apple iPhone Prices in Bahrain

The second largest mobile brand, Apple is covering the prosperous Arab states including Bahrain with its luxury iPhones. According to International GDP report, Bahrain is one of the top ten richest countries in the world. The people in Bahrain love premium and exclusive mobile phones so Apple is leading on top with its high-end iPhone Prices in Bahrain.

Apple iPhone Prices were deep developed in Bahrain after the success of iPhone 3GS (priced at BHD 100), which was the first Apple Mobile Phone in Bahrain where the wealthy people made welcome and promoted Apple devices. Later on, Apple had brought iPhone 4 (for BHD 130) and iPhone 4s (for BHD 150) to Bahrain with metal chassis and Siri Voice command which had ruled there for an era successfully. It encouraged Apple to launch more and more premium as well as expensive iPhones in Bahrain.

With the introduction of its first Touch ID (fingerprint) smartphones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the Apple had achieved more popularity in Bahrain. After that Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were also appreciated there warmly. Since then, Apple has been launching its iPhones in Bahrain, with offering the beautiful design, enhancing the hardware performance, optimizing the software technology, keeping the battery life up, and providing innovative experience. Recently, Apple has launched three new smartphones in Bahrain, The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The Price of iPhone XS in Bahrain is as BHD 440, the Price of iPhone XS Max in Bahrain is BHD 480, and the iPhone XR Price in Bahrain is about BHD 320.

Samsung also offers good quality phones adding reasonable Samsung Mobile Prices in Bahrain which are comparatively lower than Apple iPhone Prices in Bahrain, but iOS lovers still prefer Apple iPhones due to their high security and unique build quality and best-in-class features. Apple iPhones are excessively demanded in Manama.

Followings are the latest Apple iPhones in Bahrain which have received astonishing quick response by public with Specs and Prices.

Apple iPhone X: It is the high-end device of the brand, which comes with several admirable features. It is IP67 rated, having all new beautiful design, a top-notch, 5.8inches screen, 3D-tocuh Super AMOLED Display, FHD+ resolution, iOS 11.1.1, Apple A11 Bionic chipset, Hexa-core 2.39GHz processor, Apple three-core GPU, 3GB RAM/64GB Internal Storage. There are Dual 12MP Rear Cameras and a 7MP Front Camera. The primary lens can record 4k videos and splendid images. You can experience Animoji (animated emoji) and 3D Facial Unlock called Face ID. It houses a 2716mAh battery to deliver 21 hours talk time, and supports Fast and Wireless Charging Options. But sadly, it has no Fingerprint Sensor. The Price of Apple iPhone X in Bahrain is BHD 399.

Apple iPhone 8: It is a one-handed smartphone, which has received an old iPhone design. It has a 4.7inches screen, LCD backlit display, HD resolution, iOS 11, 12MP back camera, 7MP front optics, Apple A11 chip, and 2GB RAM/64GB ROM, 1821mAh battery, both Fast and Wireless charging support. It sports a front-facing Fingerprint Sensor (Touch ID) under the home button. Apple iPhone 8 Price in Bahrain is about BHD 249.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus: It is the upgraded version of the standard iPhone 8 and has a similar look to the traditional Apple iPhones. The Plus model comes with metal body, IP67 rating, 5.5inches LED backlit display, FHD resolution, Touch ID, iOS 11, Dual 12MP Rear Optics, 7MP Selfie Camera, Apple A11 SoC, 3GB RAM/64GB ROM, and 2691mAh battery with Fast and Wireless Charging support. Unfortunately, iPhone 8 Plus didn’t feature top-notch, ANIMOJI and Face ID like the iPhone X while most of their features are similar to each other. Apple iPhone 8 Plus Price in Bahrain is BHD 329.