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LG G Flex 2 Preview , Specs, Features and Release Date

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Undoubtedly LG has brought big changes in the best selling smart phones of 2014. Based on this record we expect more and better changes in the LG products in this current year and LG G Flex 2 is an example of this new trend. A lot has been said about it and users are anxiously waiting for the handset to appear in the market.

We have seen biggest innovations in the smart phones by LG and it is a new concept that is LG G Flex. In the new release we expect same type of good innovations. It is surprising that LG G Flex 2 has 2 great features; its back its self healing and the display is flexible that you can freely bend it. LG is not only reshaping the smartphone industry but also building on its own traditions of innovations.

Here are the specs, features, concept, price, presales, and release date of LG G Flex 2. You may have an idea of the product before it comes into the market.


LG G Flex 2 Specifications
LG G Flex 2 Features
LG G Flex 2 Price


There have been many rumors and leaks from different sources but with the passage of time they have been confirmed by the LG company at different occasions. Many changes were expected like a very high speed processor, more powerful camera, better visual display, more enduring and a more powerful battery. The biggest of all the changes is 5.7 inches Sapphire LG G Flex 2 screen. This screen has made up the short coming of previous model by OLECD full HD display with much better visual results.

It carries Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core processor. Running with four Cortex A-53 and four A-57 processors, which is much better than the previous one. It is energized with 3500mAh battery and equipped with 13 mega pixel ultra HD back camera.

Many features in the LG G Flex 2 are improved version of original model. Self healing back is a big change and curved bendable screen is even bigger change. These two features make LG G Flex 2 prominent than others.

The self healing feature removes the wrinkles and surface scratches quickly and make  the surface appear smooth. Blow drying removes all surface scratches with very little effort.  It depends upon the nature of scratches and how big they are. This self healing feature will always keep the look of the device as new. It will never look old at least for quite some years.

The curved and bendable screen is certainly not new but this time LG G Flex 2 display can be bent to 90 degrees angle. The curved shape has been taken from Samsung Galaxy Round but LG G Flex 2 is bendable to a 90 degrees angle which was not the case with any previous handset. This is a plus for this smartphone to make it unique and something new in the mobile technology.

In the security side it has finger print scanner. This security feature has been installed in many flagships and LG has done the same with G Flex 2. This finger print scanner is not located on the front side; rather it is on the back side on the device with other button controls. LG G Flex 2 is also featured with water proofing, dust proofing and shock proof ability. The water proofing feature is highly useful complement for the rear camera and it makes it possible to use the camera under water.


As we see the features we tend to guess that it will be a very expensive smartphone. LG is aware of the market and would not lose the customers by placing a very high price tag. The consumers should be satisfied that LG will make it budget friendly and affordable by all.

There is a very tough competition in the mobile industry and all the manufacturers are highly conscious of good quality along with economical price therefore LG G Flex 2 will be with in the range of most of the consumers because if LG has to sell this handset, it has to be with in the range of the buyers.

Competition among the manufacturers goes to the favor of the consumers. Talking of USA markets it is going to be with in $900 range. Initially it was rumored to be sold for $1100. There are different prices in different countries considering the level of the market and consumers ability.

LG G Flex 2 Release Date

Although previously LG G Flex 2 was expected in the market by the end of 2014. However this has not happened and now because of different factors we expected in February 2015. It was expected that LG would announce the release date at CES 2015 and from here we know February 2015 will be the month that markets would receive this device.

List of Countries Getting  LG G Flex 2

 As we already know that the device is already appeared in CES and users are keenly waiting to get the handset stated below is the list of countries which are getting the device;

Australia 1st Week March 2015, Austria 1st Week March 2015,  Brazil 4th Week February 2015, Canada 4th Week February 2015, China 3rd Week February 2015, Denmark 1st Week March 2015, England 4th Week February 2015, Finland 1st Week March 2015, France 1st Week March 2015, Germany 1st Week March 2015, Greece 1st Week March 2015,Hong Kong 3rd Week February 2015,Hungary 1st Week March 2015, India 4th Week February 2015,Indonesia 1st Week March 2015, Italy 1st Week March 2015,  Japan 3rd Week February 2015, Nigeria 1st Week March 2015, Philippines 3rd Week March 2015,Poland 1st Week March 2015, Russia  1st Week March 2015, Singapore  3rd Week March 2015, South Africa 2nd Week March 2015, South Korea 3rd Week February 2015,Spain 1st Week March 2015, Sweden 1st Week March 2015, Switzerland 1st Week March 2015, Taiwan 2nd Week March 2015, The Netherlands 4th Week March 2015,United States 4th Week February 2015.


Early Verdict

LG G Flex 2 is building its reputation on 2 major factors; its bendable screen and self healing quality. More over its under water functional ability is an added merit that attracts the consumers. Some of the features were long awaited by consumers and were expecting some smartphone to have them. LG G Flex 2 has these features and the rumors and the news have created a hype among the  buyers for this smartphone. Hopefully this will be it will be a popular handset giving pleasure to the users and business to the company. It all depends on the month of February what news it brings to decide the fate of the smartphone.    


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