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Most Awaited New Phones will Release in 2015

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Mobile manufacturing industry is peek in production and doing well business in the market. Globally it has been able to manufacture the mobile phones and smartphones only for one third of the population of the world. Seeing this factor MWC is a huge platform for the mobile companies to display their products and from this platform the users getting information about the new devices. There is a series of new devices coming in the market at MWC or later each claiming to be the best in the category.

Galaxy S6


Samsung would like to maintain its tradition of excellence by launching Galaxy S6 next year. They feel that the handset would be an excellent piece of technology and result of their experience. It is coming with 5.5 inches Super AMOLED display having 2560x 1440 pixels resolution which is bigger and better than  Galaxy S5 both in size and resolution. Galaxy S6 will be featured with 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7420 processor four Cortex-A53 and four Cortex-A57 cores and 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 system on chip which is same as in case of S5. The new device is installed with 3GB RAM along with 32 and 64 GB onboard memory extendable to 128 GB with microSD card and runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and has better camera the rear camera based on 20.7 Mp and the front facing is 5 MP. The special feature of the device is its curve display. However release date and price are not yet known but expected to be on the surface during MWC.

Xperia Z4


Sony is preparing Xperia Z4 as its new flagship for the next MWC 2015 and to meet the other competitors in the market. Sony is a big name and carries background reputation and would like to maintain it through their upcoming series of the handset and they have a plan to reveal the Xperia Z4 handset with the Ultra and compact version of the device because Sony always prefers to launch compact version of the device instead of mini. It is expected that during MWC 2015 Xperia Z4 will appear with Xperia Z4 Ultra and Xperia Z4 compact. Xperia Z4 series will come with many good specs and features and all versions of the devices will run Android 5.0 operating system. Beside the 4 GB of RAM, large display, 64 bit system on chip and premium look the main charm of the device is its giant camera. It is expected that both the versions will be powered with 20.7 mega pixel rear camera. If these specs of the devices come true they would stand in high end device line with the high price tag. Sony is participating in consumer electronic fair which is hold in the first month of 2015 and it is strongly believe that in the fair the company will going to launch the devices.

HTC One m9 and HTC Hima


Another big competitor in the mobile market is HTC which is preparing HTC ONE M9 and HT C Hima for the next year’s market competition and they are stressing more on design features and have a fantasy for “Bigger” device therefore, they are planning to equipped HTC ONE M9 with a big display of 5.5 inches having 2560x1440 pixels resolution and snapdragon 8054 chipset. The other powers of the device include 3 GB RAM 64 and 128 GB memory with the power source of 3500mAh battery. The device is supposed to be a powerful smartphone with new features in sound effects shifting from Boom sound to Bose sound. In photographic aspect is going to have 21 mega pixel main camera and 5 mega pixel front facing camera. Like other the handset it also runs Lollipop version of Android operating system. There is no specific release date of the handset is out but it is predicted that HTC ONE M9 will be announce during MWC 2015 in March and immediately available after taking the official place.  



In the race of competition next year LG is working hard to launch LG G4 in March 2015. The device is so far announced or almost of the same level and specifications to fight the competition against others. Here LG is trying its level best to make G4 a powerful device. It will be equipped with True HD IPS capacitive touch screen 5.5 inches in size with 2560x 1440 pixels resolution and protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. It runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system and has Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 processor with 3 GB RAM along 16 GB on board memory which can be extended up to 128 GB. The handset has 16 mega pixel rear camera and has 5 mega pixel front facing camera and this giant consumes power from Li-Po 3200 mAh battery. The price and the accurate release date of the device is not known but the device will appear somewhere in March 2015.

One Plus 2


In this current year we have the handset from the new manufacturer One Plus and now company schedule for the latest version of the device named OnePlus two. It is expected that the device will be on the surface but on the third quarter of 2015. The device will equip with 5.5 inches and has Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. OnePlus two will come with 32 GB on board memory and has 5 mega pixel front and 16 mega pixel rear camera and all these components consumes the power from 3300mAh battery. Well two main factor price and the exact release date of the device are still not known but the estimated price of the device is $551.99. Well users will get this One Plus Two mobile expectedly somewhere in October but this is only the expected date for giving the general idea about the device to the users.

Xiaomi Mi5


 Xiaomi is the Chinese manufacturer and specialized in launching the new devices with the minimum pie tag. In the year 2014 company launch Xiaomi Mi4 and the device was available in affordable price now company try to compete the rivals and has a plan to launch Xiaomi Mi5 successor of Xiaomi Mi4 with better specs. The exact release date of this device is still kept hide but the expected price of the device is set by the company is $325. Xiaomi Mi5 is the high end device and has 5.7 inches display having 1440x 2560 pixels resolution and has the power of 64 bit Snapdragon 810 chipset pair with Octa Core processor and Adreno 430 GPU and has 20.7 mega pixel Sony Exmor sensor for its rear-facing camera and might come with fingerprint scanner. The battery power of the handset is still not known. The accurate release date of the handset is still not known but we have a general idea that the device will appear in 2nd quarter of the year 2015.

Galaxy Note 5


Samsung is preparing Galaxy Note 5 for IFA 2015 and Samsung is putting in its best to make this device master piece of technology, although not matching S6. Note 5 is going to have a premier look with metal body and faux leather back cover. It will be equipped with 6 inches big display which is SUPER AMOLED touch screen having 1440x 2560 pixels running 5.0 Lollipop version of Android with dodeca-core processor. This is the combination of Octa Core and Quad Core processors and carries 12 cores pair of wires and the each wire paired based with Octa and Quad Core and surely supports 64 bit architectural system on chip. A powerful RAM of 4GB gives it a power of smooth functioning and better speed which supports 3 versions of memory, 16,32,64 GB which can be extended to 128 GB. The phablet have a 20 mega pixel main camera and 5 mega pixel secondary camera in front. The power source of this tablet consists of 3900mAh battery. In addition it will have stylus S Pen, Ultra power saving feature and Gorilla Glass type 4 protections. There are still more features that include finger print scanner, eye scanning and wireless charging. The tablet will support even more advance 5G technology. The Note 5 is expectedly will appear in IFA which is holding on 4th September 2015 to 9th September 2015 at the place of Messegelände, Messedamm 22, D-14055 Berlin, Germany.

LG G Flex 2


 LG is the first make the handset with curved and flexible screen. We already have LG G Flex handset with the foldable screen now company has a plan to reveal the modest version of the device with the same name but more flexibility. It is expected that the LG G Flex 2 will make the public appearance in the month of January 2015. The handset is made up with the hard rubber and can bend up to 90 degree. All the components of the handset are flexible. There is limited information available for the device that LG use QHD display for making the screen of the mobile. The price and the release date of the device are still not known. If company schedule goes well the device will be on time during CES 2015.  Well the device might out in the first month of 2015.

Bottom Line

 We have discussed in brief number of new phones will be in the market next . They all bossed to be the best on the market and have lay down their specs sheet for public examination and evaluation by the future users. However they are still not present in physical shape therefore no comments on their performance can be made only once they are present in the market. Seeing the previous history of the companies and their products competing with each others will certainly prove to be at par with each other with slight difference, a plus here and minus there.  

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