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Mobile Prices: All Latest Mobile Phone Prices In Canada

Doogee X10S
CAN$ 90
Doogee X11
CAN$ 83
Doogee X80
CAN$ 153
ViVo X21s
CAN$ 500
Cubot A5
CAN$ 236
Infinix Hot 6X
CAN$ 181
ViVo Y93
CAN$ 278
BLU Vivo Go
CAN$ 111
ViVo Y95
CAN$ 334
Leagoo Z9
CAN$ 83
Oppo RX17 Pro
CAN$ 904
Intex Infie 77
CAN$ 111
Elephone U2
CAN$ 556
ViVo Y73
CAN$ 167
Nokia 8.1
CAN$ 556
Cubot Quest
CAN$ 487
Lenovo k5s
CAN$ 167
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Canada is a country of unlimited opportunities. The country is among the top carrier and immigration destination for millions of people across the globe. We are a country of gracious and welcoming people and have had a tradition of accepting the new technologies instantly. Like all other industries, smartphone industry in Canada has been booming in the past few years. Mobile prices in Canada has been on the higher end as Canadians prefer for high-end premium smartphones, still Canada has seen significant growth in sales of smartphones. Actually, mobile prices in Canada is just a small aspect and the country is in love with expensive and premium feature phones with superior specifications.

In 2015, the industry experience almost 12 % gain in sales of smartphone as compared to year 2014. Though Canada is mostly associated with saturated market for smartphones, the country still has great potential and craving for some earnestly awesome smartphones. A research conducted in 2015 shows that most Canadian prefer large screen smartphones with long battery life. This is because we are using mobile phones for almost everything including shopping, gaming, movies, songs etc. So, we really prefer some enchanting large screen smartphones with great battery life.

When it comes to brands competition in Canadian smartphone market, Canadians love all sorts of smartphones including iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberry etc. Overall, android mobile phones are leading the Canadian market share with APPLE competing at second position.

Samsung mobiles have been leading the android market with almost half android mobile phones manufactured by the Korean giant. Samsung mobile prices in Canada seems to be well within range of Canadian customers – though I still think the price is on higher-end as compared to prices of some other brands. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S7 price in Canada is 780 CNDto well over 900 CND. Undoubtedly, S7 is one of the most capable and gorgeous smartphone in market, still we can find most of S7 features in mobile phones of some other brands at lower prices – especially the Chinese manufactured phones. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price in Canada is range from 900 CND to 950 CND.

Other than Samsung, iPhones are leading the Canadian smartphone industry at second spot and I see no decline for iPhones among our people. iPhone prices in Canada are still at higher level even when compared to Samsung, however, we have some die-hard iPhones fans who are willing to pay any price for an iPhone. iPhone 6S price in Canada is 900 CND to 11,00 CND, which are significantly higher than its Samsung’s counterpart. Similarly, iPhone 6S Plus price in Canada is 11, 00 CND to 15,00 CND. Now that’s surely a big amount for a mobile, but then its iPhones right?


Apart from these two large players in Canadian smartphone market, there are other brands competing for their glory and market share. Among other brands, sales of Chinese manufactured android phones have been on the rise. Chinese manufactured mobile prices in Canada are significantly lower than iPhone and Samsung, making them an instant fit for lower cadre of Canadian consumers. Moreover, many Chinese brands like Huawei are offering some great smartphones loaded with functionalities and high-specifications to challenge the dominance of top two contenders. Overall, despite being a saturated smartphone market, we still have much potential in smartphones market. In future, companies competing for glory in Canadian market should devise a specific Country targeted plan, so as to have their say in Canadian smartphone market.