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Samsung Mobile Prices In Canada – Galaxy Phones CAN1

Samsung W2019
CAN$ 3,753
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Samsung qualifies among the major multinational giants who have revolutionized the sales in the smartphone industry. Rooting out from South Korea, Samsung’s mobile devices have been providing the sales charts with rising spikes each year. S devices by the company offer the best by Samsung thus becoming Samsung’s flagship devices. Great screen, Easy-to-grip body and a smooth user interface are some of the plus points which help Samsung outshine others. Samsung in its early smartphone days focused mainly on the insides leaving certain issues with the software.

Samsung earned fame after the release of its flip-phones which became ‘the thing of the day’ and almost everybody wanted to own one. The hype settled down as Nokia took over the early smartphone market. The company gained a major audience with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and has since then remained one of the major sellers of smart devices around the globes. Samsung Mobiles offers a really large amount of options for its consumers essentially dealing all sorts of users looking for their dream device. Nice specs bundled with competitive prices in Canada offer a complete companion for everyone.

Although Samsung has been notorious for not keeping up with the developing designs as almost all choices offered by Samsung look almost the same. Samsung altered things up a bit with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Edge model but the things seem same as almost similar design has been opted for this year’s Samsung Flagship device.

Price Range:

Samsung really understands the ways of the game and covers all customers falling under different price ranges. Many people opt for the Samsung flagships over others owing to its high specs and promising hardware.

Samsung mobile with price ranging from 200-300 Canadian Dollars are somewhat the least sold Samsung phones in the market. Although the revenue made from these is quite big, Samsung’s big fish cost a little more money than these. Some of the devices falling under the price range are as follows

-          Samsung Galaxy On

-          Samsung Galaxy j7

Samsung phones with price in Canada around 400-550 Canadian Dollars second most sold phones by Samsung in the country. Samsung offers great specs crammed onto these devices without ever compromising with the quality. Some of the devices falling in the category are as follows:

-          Samsung Galaxy A7

-          Samsung Galaxy C3

-          Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung wins the crown for coming up with the most popular phone of 2016. The flagship devices by Samsung are also the devices that generate the most money for the company. Samsung in its latest flagship: ‘The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’ has bundled in a glorious screen with the best specs in the market. The camera employed by the device shows the best color reproduction along with great quality. The Samsung Flagship is more of a generic device which has everything and hence can comply with all sorts of users adjusting itself according to its user’s requirements.

Some other devices that run alongside the flagship are the following:

-          Samsung Galaxy Note 7


-          Samsung Galaxy S7