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Lenovo P90 First Intel 64 Bit featured Smart Phone Hands On

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The Lenovo P90 smartphone has been recently announced in January 2015 and will be released in the  next month. Along with this, Lenovo is also launching Vibe X2 Pro as well.  The Lenovo P90 and Vibe X2 Pro are the two devices much different than each other; one is camera oriented for selfies while the other is serious professional type smartphone for carrying the data and working while out on business. That way it seems to be more useful rather than just a photographic instrument. Moreover, it carries a powerful battery to last much longer while the user is out and will not face inconvenience of failing on account of battery. Here in this preview we are discussing Lenovo P90 for its different features and characteristics for the information of the users for interest and knowledge to help them decide about this smartphone.

Main image of Lenovo P90

Design and Display

Design of Lenovo P90The Lenovo P90 has nothing very special in its design and we cannot call it very impressive. However it is so well designed with minimum possible weight and carrying a big massive battery of 4000 mAh thickness measuring 150 x 77.4 x 8.5 mm and carries 156 grams weight. It has soft touch matte plastic finish and there is nothing more in design that can be highlighted. The design features of sibling the Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro are better than Lenovo P90. It does not mean that the smartphone P90 is poor in design, despite some failings, it is in a presentable shape and a useful device and design lacking have been compensated in its other capabilities that we shall be describing later here in this article.

Display of Lenovo P90Lenovo smartphone P90 has a sizeable 5.5 inches IPS capacitive touch screen, 16M colors display which is a reasonable size and type of a screen for video games, movies and to surf the internet. There is a plenty of space to see more and clear. It has 1920 x 1080 resolution. With its 1080 density it gives bright and very clear display and even the minor details are visible sharp and clear. Since it is IPS, it gives iridescent glow by this IPS-based panel which is really impressive and eye catching and gives the impression of an AMOLED screen because of its saturated look of colors. The display is full of good features that user is really happy and satisfied. The display is the face of the device and once it is clear sharp and gives minute details, the user wants to keep him busy with the handset.

Operating system and user interface

User Interafce of Lenovo P90The P90 runs Android 4.4 KitKat and interface on the screen contains minimum details and apps to keep the screen clear of all unnecessary apps just like the Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro. The interface is iteration to the customized experience that we are used to with all previous Lenovo devices and have minimalist layout by eliminating the traditional apps panel. Apparently it gives a good look but there is a lot behind the curtain. It is not all that simple having a clean screen with minimum details on the face of it. In fact it contains much more behind every icon on the display.

Processor and Memory

P 90 is equipped with a new quad-core 1.8GHz 64-bit Intel Atom Processor and carries the power of 2GB of RAM, which distinguishes the P90 from Lenovo’s smartphones. Currently we see Intel’s presence increasing in the smartphone making and P90 has it as a new component, let us see how it turns out to be in actual performance. P90 has 32GB of internal memory that provides enough space for all tasks and multimedia content. With all these asset inside the P90’s will be a capable device not only as a smartphone alone but a complete office on the move with the professionals who have to do a lot of work in editing documents and sending out lot many emails while traveling. The P90 will not cause any embarrassment and will not fail them.


Camera of lenovo P 90 Camera is another important component of any smartphone without which, it remains incomplete and is never acceptable by the users. The Lenovo P90 satisfies this need by having powerful 13-megapixel auto-focus camera at the back featuring an LED flash and optical image stabilization. The front side is not void of this facility and has a wide-angle 5-megapixel camera. This photographic part of the smartphone is capable enough to satisfy any user and meet any requirement; may it be just fun sake or for some professional requirement.


Lenovo P90 is energized with a massive source of power that is Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery.  Comparing it with any other battery of 2300 mAh battery, it is certainly far superior and should be enough to run the handset efficiently and for a longer time before recharge.


Lenovo P90 is the new smartphone yet to come in the market and users can only form a picture from the specs available in the media. However seeing the new features and a very powerful battery, it should be perfect companion for a much longer time with any interruption requiring a recharge and having a break from what you are doing. It carries such a huge power source and yet it is very thing and light in weight. The other specs are no less impressive to prove it a supreme smartphone for the mobile professional. It is going to be a mid range handset with a price tag of $369 but may be it proves to be real worth of price spent on it.

Readers can draw their own conclusion to own this professional type smartphones to provide them lot choice in apps they want to run. The actual performance will tell the exact status of the device.


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