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Sony Xperia Z4 Features, specs, release date and Price

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Introduction In the forth coming Mobile World Congress scheduled as usual in March at Barcelona but for avoinding a fight between the ginats the compnay avoid to launch the handset in MWC 2015 and delay the annoucement. All the big and small manufacturers are working very hard to present their new products and to highlight them impressively to beat others. No doubt the major contenders are Samsung, HTC and Sony are the main champions who are going to dominate the show. Sony is working on Xperia Z series and in view of that Sony Xperia Z4 is much awaited and it is believed to be the best of Sony in the year 2015. We yet can not say with conformity anything but by now the device is fairly well developed and leaks and news on the internet have given us enough information. Here in this preview we are talking about its specifications as close as we have received through different sources but don’t be surprised if there are any surprises in the device when it actually comes in the market. "Front Build and Design "Xperia-Z4-DesignWe have not seen any pictures of Xperia Z4 but nothing can stop us from imagining what it would be like. There are some leaks and news but the previous examples from Xperia Z3 can help us shaping a picture of the forth coming device. It is going to follow the same pattern . we believe it will be another master pieces of metal and glass combination towards making it good and Sony is expert at it. It has been learnt through the unconfirmed sources Sony has done some pruning on the build an design of Xperia Z3 to shape Z4. The new device is going to be slimmer and smarter and lighter in weight. This is the result of reducing space on the sides and narrowing the bezels. The all round framing of bezels has been reduced and what we see on the metal body are power and volume buttons taking the minimal space. In built it is going to be water and dust proof. Sony has kept the front facing stereo speakers as they are in the previous model and the smartphone has been given four colors; White , Black, Blue and silver. Display Through some sources it was vaguely learnt that Sony Xperia Z4 will carry 5.4 or 5.5 inches screen but 5.2 is more reliable information with two different pixels resolution versions; 1440 and 1080 pixels resolution for different markets. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Processor and Memory "XperiaAs we said earlier we have built the story on different sources and nothing officially declared by the company. We believe Xperia Z4 is coming with 32-bit Snapdragon 805 processor and the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 SoC, both designed by Qualcomm (and produced by TSMC). However chances of Snapdragon 810 system on chip are more because it is futuristic and the latest. Sony Xperia Z4 will be powered with 3 GB RAM, enough for any Android based. Sony Xperia Z4 is not going to create any revolution in the memory and storage of mobile phones. Sony Xperia Z4 like others will have two versions of on board memory; 32GB , 64 GB and externally increased up to 64 GB via microSD card. smartphone and we think Sony Xperia Z4 will be able to handle 4K video, the latest multimedia standards, high-resolution sound, and LTE connectivity. Operating system and User Interface Sony Xperia Z4 is Android based smartphone that will run 5.0 Lollipop version of the operating system in combination with appropriate Xperia UI. There will be some other features in the user interface like double tap to wake, optional panel that can be revealed by swiping on the screen. It will also have some small Apps for multi tasking having utility features like windowed calculator, browser, notes and other apps on top of anything else; built-in screen recording functionality, and useful features of the same kind. The users will not be having stranger experience with the interface as they are already familiar with Sony’s style and some features include PS VITA, the PS4, or a TV set. This interface provides a lot to the user for entertainment and utility. Camera Sony has placed Exmor RS camera sensor in Xperia Z4 to compete the rivals and has adding nothing of its own but it is an efficient system taking direct photos the feature was lacking in Xperia Z3. Although Sony’s own 20.7-megapixel CMOS sensor is also good enough. Sony knows the position in the market and its prepaid to take it on. The Exmor RS IMX230 is a 1/2.4", 21MP sensor has added something to mobile photography by image plane phase detection autofocus and 192 AF points. Battery We take the example of Xperia Z3 and also know Z4 is on the same pattern, it is likely to have the same battery; 3400mAh that is sufficient to operate QHD display and Snapdragon 810 system on chip and perform multi tasking on the device. We can also compare it Samsung Galaxy Note 4 giving good results with only 3220 mAh battery and can presume Z4 will give the same good performance. Previously the test results of Z3 battery have been excellent therefore the battery will not cause any failing in Z4. Release date, price, and carriers Sony has the plan to introduce Sony Xperia Z4 in March at MWC 2015, and will launch in last week of April or early May. Pricing and carrier availability is not known at present because company has said nothing on it. The estimated price of the device is between $600 to $800. In the USA T-Mobile and Verizon are the carriers will offer the handset because previous these two carries in the USA offers Xperia Z3. Early Verdict Sony is a big name in the industry and its aware of its reputation thus will maintain the tradition of high standard. There is only a gap of 7 months between Xperia Z3 and launch of Xperia Z4. On the other hand Qualcomm has also improved and developed this new chip 810 making Xperia Z4 equipped with the latest hardware. Although it is going to be a costly handset but the name of Sony does not cost less.

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