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The Lenovo ZUK Z1 VS Huawei Honor 7i, Comparison of The Specs and Features

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The month of August is credited with a number of newly arrived things, significantly, it brought about the Smartphones by the renowned the Lenovo the ZUK, a sub brand ZUK Z1 and the Huawei was honored by the release of its Smartphone named the Honor 7i. As it is being dubbed as a symbol of the newness and also carries the uniqueness. We bring into comparison the new two devices namely ZUK the Z1, and the Honor 7i on the end of the Huawei.

Building the Design:

Generally speaking the ZUK treaded on the very careful route while building the design of the said Z1, while building the Z1 the metal frame in combination with the glass at the front and the shiny plastic at the rear side which bears resemblance like that of the mishmash of a number of various flagship Smartphones. The Huawei has taken a decisive step while adopting the route with a difference pertaining to the Honor 7i and removal of the front build camera came to an end entirely and the creation of the flip-up technology for the Honor 7i with regard to its rear camera permits the device to face onward in the manner of the front seated camera. Huawei has walked on the new road if we come to the Huawei’s Honor 7i, as it mounted the fingerprint sensor towards the side of the Honor’s 7i, interestingly, anyone rarely ventured like that while speaking about the manufacturers so far and the ZUK Z1 emerges of the scene with the fingerprint sensor mounted on the home button. In addition to that, The ZUK Z1 comes with the feature of the fresher USB Type-C Connector system but conversely, the Honor 7i appears with the older one with the better conventional micro USB port.

The Displaying Qualities:

If we come into the comparison of both the devices namely the ZUK Z1 and the Honor 7i, both the devices carry a 1080 pixel with full HD display system, the former one’s features let us glimpse with a bigger 5.5 inches displays as compare to the latter ones as it came in 5.2 inches displaying system, so the latter one is preferred over the former one as it features the higher density regarding pixel goes like 423ppi and the former one’s screen display retains the pixel density, 401ppi. Now the question arises whether the screen size along with the sharpness quality carries more importance? The credit of the screen size heads towards the ZUK Z1 and speaking about the Honor 7i the credit in terms of pixel density goes to the Huawei’s Honor 7i.

The Camera’s Features:

Now let us come into the comparison of both the devices in terms of the cameras, the Huawei’s Honor 7i picks the preference over the ZUK Z1 as the former’s plus point is its camera. So both the Smartphones namely the ZUK Z1 and the Honor 7i carry the rear mounted cameras features by the Sony sensors. The Honor 7i’s camera that is 13 MP with flip-up acts in both ways as it serves as the rear one as well as the front one, so this point is a very welcome feature speaking to the other cameras of the devices inclusive of the ZUK Z1 which has been built with the 13 MP back mounted camera and an 8 MP the front mounted camera combo.

The Technology Of The Processors And The Rams:

However the ZUK Z1 is considered the very first flagship Smartphone of the company, The Snapdragon 801 processing system has been installed in the ZUK Z1 as it is believed to be the best processor, if we talk about the last year’s processors. Coming to the Honor 7i, it is laced with the newer one but with middle range and lower speed processor that is Snapdragon 616. The Honor 7i’s processing ability is the 64 bit and appears with many cores. The only power, the 32 bit Snapdragon 801 conveniently paces it further.

Now the comparison of the two RAMS comes into the competition the ZUK Z1 is manufactured with the 3 GB RAM and on the contrary to it, the Huawei’s Honor 7i will become available in 2 GB of RAM or the 3 GB variance.

The Storage And The Battery Capabilities:

The Z1 is equipped with the stronger processor means the Snapdragon 801 on the end of the ZUK while as far as the battery is concerned, it carries the big 4100 mAh battery feature and the Huawei’s Honor 7i is smaller than the earlier one as it carries the feature of batter that is 3200 mAh. Now the storage capability of both the Smartphones comes into the comparison, the ZUK Z1 is equipped with the 64 GB storage capability, placed inside, coming to the Honor’s 7i, it comes only with 16 GB as well as the 32 GB storage capability as the variants indicate. Getting into the comparison about both the devices, the battery standby time and the storage capability, the ZUK Z1 got the edge over the Honor’s 7i.

The Pricing Compared:

The ZUK Z1 if we speak in terms of the comparison of both the devices, the Z1 comes with the hefty specifications and is carrying the price in Yuan 1,800, but the Huawei’s Honor 7i can be bought at the chipper rates, at the 1,599 Yuan.


The conclusion can be inferred conveniently the Huawei’s Honor 7i Smartphone which falls in the category of middle ranged Smartphones earns the edge over the ZUK Z1 as it carries the uniqueness in the camera system along with the fingerprint sensor, so the choice for the Huawei’s Honor 7i sounds to be the nicest choice. If we shun the price mania, the ZUK Z1 sounds like making its mark in the market as is considered by the number of users, as it is being called the flagship slayer because of the powerful specifications and low priced device.

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