All Quad Core G Five Smartphone In Chile, Price And Specs

GFive President Xhero 7
G five President Xhero 7

CLP 100,500
GFive 4G LTE 3
G five 4G LTE 3

CLP 60,300
GFive President G6
G five President G6

CLP 53,600
GFive Bravo G95
G five Bravo G95

CLP 46,900
GFive President G7
G five President G7

CLP 46,900
GFive President G10 Fashion
G five President G10 Fashion

CLP 60,300
GFive President G9
G five President G9

CLP 53,600
GFive President G10
G five President G10

CLP 107,200

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All latest and Best Quad core CPU g five Smartphone with prices in Chile and Full Specifications.

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