HTC Mobile Prices In Chile – HTC Phones Chile

HTC Wildfire X HTC Wildfire X CLP 101,250
HTC U19e HTC U19e CLP 317,250
HTC Desire 19 Plus HTC Desire 19 Plus CLP 209,250
HTC X2 HTC X2 CLP 216,000
HTC Desire 12S HTC Desire 12S CLP 135,000
HTC Exodus 1 HTC Exodus 1 CLP 648,000
HTC U12 Life HTC U12 Life CLP 222,750
HTC U12 Plus HTC U12 Plus CLP 540,000
HTC Desire 12 Plus HTC Desire 12 Plus CLP 182,250
HTC Desire 12 HTC Desire 12 CLP 155,250
HTC U11 Eyes HTC U11 Eyes CLP 337,500
HTC U11 Plus HTC U11 Plus CLP 506,250
HTC U11 Life HTC U11 Life CLP 216,000
HTC U11 Red HTC U11 Red CLP 540,000
HTC U11 HTC U11 CLP 479,250
HTC U Play HTC U Play CLP 263,250
HTC Ocean Note HTC Ocean Note CLP 506,250
HTC U Ultra HTC U Ultra CLP 270,000
HTC Desire 650 HTC Desire 650 CLP 108,000
HTC One X10 HTC One X10 CLP 155,250
HTC Bolt HTC Bolt (Sprint) CLP 283,500
HTC 10 evo HTC 10 evo CLP 114,750
HTC One A9s HTC One A9s CLP 121,500
HTC Nexus Marlin HTC Nexus Marlin CLP 270,000
HTC Desire 10 Pro HTC Desire 10 Pro CLP 202,500
HTC Nexus 2016 HTC Nexus 2016 CLP 438,750
HTC One M9 Prime Camera HTC One M9 Prime CLP 216,000
HTC One S9 HTC One S9 CLP 317,250
HTC 10 Lifestyle HTC 10 Lifestyle CLP 148,500
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