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Predictions and Facts about the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S plus Jumping Qualities

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The considerable thing is that is it the key point, will the next generation iPhones acquire the name like iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Can we carry the prediction that all these phones will be loaded with entirely new features like the new camera and with camera software that is overhauled? The rumors are already encirculating the users like the bumble bees in the air that a few design concepts or also there.

Let us have a look at the complete look at it and everything we can expect about.

What Lies In Name?

How the name crops up because the musings among the guys and gals are going on, plethora of comments will pour in on the end of these guys and gals and that too online. It is all about the guess work about the next iPhones. 

As per the company's CEO Tim Cook, the Apple especially names these generations by the flagship features or by the design change pertaining to these products. The instance speaks that the iPhone 6S Plus has a bigger screen. If we turn back, the iPhone 4S is in the acquisition of the S moniker as it made its debut with the Siri.


If we make a guess for the next iPhone regarding carrying an S name, they will have to sprout some support that goes to make it unique, but if the uniqueness is higher like the iPhone 6, they are likely to get the entire new name so to say like iPhone 7. The rumors are also clustering around and the acclamation on the end of the Apple is to drop the S name in and out, as the connotation carries a mediocre label. So far the conformation has not reached.

We are not event predictors, as everything flows in speculations. The conformation on the end of the Apple is awaited, until then we prefer to call the next iPhone an iPhone 6S. On the other hand the reports are buzzing relating to the iPhone 6S plus, now let us talk a bit and know that what is the legitimate.

The iPhone 6S Release Date

It is not too difficult to predict about the emergence of the nest iPhones, as the Apple sounds that the pattern has been settled. Usually, in every September, the launches are held. So the Apple release significant updates relating to the iPhone ever year. 

The launching of the two iPhones namely the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were occurred the last September. If you are not getting me, let me be cleared the September 2014 carries the likelihood that this year will get the launch of the other iPhone, means another. The guess on our end carries an iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus.


In reality, we recline on the leaked email information that was sent to the Vodafone staffers, that the iPhone will hit the store on the 25th September. If we stick to the truth, the launching ceremony is going to take place in between 3 to 10 days ahead.

What the Design Speaks

If we speak about the design and releasing about the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, the chance is there regarding the features, it may look like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The certainty is there looking to the leaked pictures of the said iPhone 6S and it suggest the Engadged Japan. The elements of the system regarding the suggestion is the iPhone will turned into the 7.1 in thickness, besides the 6.9 of the present model. 

How The Display Goes?

According to the exclusive rights inventor, means, the patents are revealing that what is in store for the Apple and the Apple Insider has made the revelation of a side-mounted display wraparound on the future iPhone


Sapphire Glass Inkling

If the said sapphire glass is studded in it as per the Apple speaks about the display about the next iPhones, the chance exists that the sapphire glass in the display will be emerged and the Liquid metal will be put to use in the chassis. The Apple watch under the sun got the sapphire in its display.                

Force Touch Likelihood

As we go for the force touch, the handset screen technology is likely to be added. The light or the hard or the pressing with force, is beholden to the haptic tech as it tells the screen to open up all the new level of the interactions. The Apple watch and the new MacBook are the instances on the end of the Apple. 

The Usage of Aluminium

On the scene rumors speaks that the Apple will have the chance to use the seven thousand series of aluminium as it put into a use on the Apple watch for the next generation iPhones. The aluminium said above is lighter, namely 60% stronger than that of the standard aluminium. 

Liquid Metal Uniqueness

The last four years are evident that the Apple products with the name magical products by the Apple, as per the rumors, the liquid metal rumors have cropped up because this metal is dubbed with a metal alloy. The liquid metal carries the uniqueness as it is hard to work with it; furthermore the production of it in bulk is expected to be too expensive. 

The Biggest Jump of the Camera till Date

The next iPhones will be loaded with the unique feature The Biggest Camera. I terms of the quality of image, it will be comparable to the DLSRs, as the insider grabbed the sources at the Apple. John Gruber exercises the quality to sneak away the inside story. The hearsay is that it will be the kind of strange two lenses system camera. As the back fitted camera will use the two lenses like the DSLR quality. 

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