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All 32 MP Selfies Camera Smartphone In Hong Kong, Price And Specs

Vivo Y9s ViVo Y9s HK$ 1,960
Oppo Reno3 5G Oppo Reno3 5G HK$ 3,360
vivo S1 Pro ViVo S1 Pro HK$ 1,960
Vivo X30 Pro ViVo X30 Pro HK$ 4,130
Oppo Reno3 Oppo Reno3 HK$ 3,360
Vivo X30 5G ViVo X30 5G HK$ 3,150
Vivo S5 ViVo S5 HK$ 2,450
Huawei Nova 6 Huawei Nova 6 HK$ 3,150
Oppo K5 Oppo K5 HK$ 1,820
Oppo Realme X2 Oppo Realme X2 HK$ 2,289
Vivo Z1X ViVo Z1X HK$ 1,855
Huawei nova 5T Huawei nova 5T HK$ 2,660
LG G8X ThinQ LG G8X ThinQ HK$ 4,900
Vivo V17 Pro ViVo V17 Pro HK$ 2,730
Vivo V17 Neo ViVo V17 Neo HK$ 1,890
Vivo V17 ViVo V17 HK$ 2,240
Vivo Z5 ViVo Z5 HK$ 1,750
Vivo S1 ViVo S1 HK$ 1,540
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Xiaomi Mi CC9 HK$ 1,470
Xiaomi Mi CC9e Xiaomi Mi CC9e HK$ 1,190
Huawei Nova 5z Huawei Nova 5z HK$ 1,575
Oppo Reno Z Oppo Reno Z HK$ 2,520
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All 32 MP Selfies Camera Smartphone in Hong Kong, Price and Specs