HTC Mobile Prices In India And Full Specifications

HTC mobile has been seen as a close competitor to Samsung, Motorola, LG and other brands for android-based smartphones. Though the company lags behind some other brands in the recent past, HTC is definitely back with a bang!

Experts at Mobile57 have been monitoring the spectacular rise in sales of HTC One series for quite a time now and until now HTC U12 has definitely given the company much-needed punch to compete with other android based smartphone manufacturers.

Indian market is a great place to witness all rival smartphones manufacturer battling out each other to seize bigger chunks of market share. Up until now, HTC mobiles have been lagging in the Indian smartphone industry behind Samsung, iPhone and some other android based brands. Our analyst has been observing the reasons behind the lagging of the company. The prime reason for HTC mobile India not being able to compete adequately is due to smartphone absence from HTC in the affordable category (INR 10,000 to 15,000). HTC mobile prices in India are on a higher side compare to prices from other brands which has hampered its sales.

Over 65% of smartphone sales in the Indian market are within this (INR 10,000 - 15,000) price range and as HTC mobiles were seriously lacking the variety of smartphones in this category, it was losing enormous market share. However, sources at Mobile57 are confident that the company soon is going to launch a number of smartphones in the affordable category so as to increase its overall market share. Currently, HTC claims to occupy around 3 to 4% overall market shares in India which they want to increase considerably.

We are confident that soon we will be seeing some great 4G enables smartphones from HTC in India within the affordable price category. Till then we can enjoy their classy and high-end smartphones that have been most successful globally.


HTC U12 has been the most sensational and revolutionary launch by HTC mobiles. The phone has grasp worldwide users. The best thing about HTC U12 is its enchanting design which probably is among the most beautiful smartphone designs until now.

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