Best Mobile OS 2014, iOS 7.0.5 Vs Android 4.4.2 Vs WP 8.1 updates

Smart phones have become a very common thing now, with even kids aged 5 or 6 using them quite easily. And there is no denying to the fact that these smart devices provide a long-list of advantages and benefits that were previously deemed difficult to achieve. With the huge success of smart phones starting with Apple’s trademark iPhone and iPad, the smart phone market is now competitively divided among three major mobile operating systems namely Android, iOS and Windows. The tussle between these three OS’s (Operating Systems) has now reached a global level with each software provider trying to prove its worth to the existing as well as prospective users. The roaring business of smart phone throughout the world is largely due to these platforms, which are considered the backbone of the device. The latest updated versions of these OS’s have just hit the market (Google Android KitKat 4.4.2, Apple iOS7.0.5 and Windows Phone 8.0.1) and today we will discuss and compare their features.


Google released the latest version of Android, the KitKat 4.4.2 officially on 9th December, 2013. Android’s latest version made its debut on Google Nexus 5 and it has been designed specifically to run on heavy devices that have a RAM greater than or equal to 512MB, though it is currently only available on Nexus 5. The 4.4.2 update further enhanced the security system of the phone and also fixed some minor bugs.

Design and Feel

To start off with its features, the new version has an improved design than its predecessors which gives it a more elegant look and is also pleasing on the eye. Android has always introduced new designs with its new releases.

Software and Apps

The software of KitKat (Google Play) is quite flexible as it lets you download apps from Google Play Store or even directly from a software publisher’s website. And there are thousands of apps to choose from that are quite useful while you are on the go somewhere. Additionally, the KitKat version provides a new gaming experience especially with the compatibility of the PS3 controller, which is lacking in iOS and Windows phones. And being a freedom loving platform, it offers games that can be installed in multiple ways.


One great feature that gives Android the edge over its competitors is its customization. You can change the entire outlook of your phone from lock screen to home screen by installing a single app, and there are hundreds to choose from. You can even change your dialer appearance and can have animated wallpapers that are just mind-blowing, another feature not available in iOS7 and Windows 8.


Performance wise, the phone is almost flawless providing a great touch experience. With its main objective to run on devices having a 512MB RAM or greater than that and a range of other magnificent features. KitKat 4.4.2 is definitely out to be the king of the OS.

APPLE iOS 7.0.5

Apple’s iOS 7 was released 43 days before the official release of KitKat 4.4, on 18th September, 2013. Since its launch, the OS has claimed a major market share, which is not just limited to the US. There are a whole host of new features that were launched in Apple’s newest version, including the AirDrop support and the Control Center. The latest updated version, iOS 7.0.5, was released on January 29th, 2014 that removed some minor bugs from its previous update.

Design and Look

Lookwise, the iOS 7.0.5 has somewhat disappointed this time around as its design and look are fairly ordinary and not upto the eye-catching standard of android or even windows for that matter. The default look and feel of the backdrop is quite annoying to be honest.

Software and Apps

On the positive side, the softwares that iOS 7.0.5 offers are truly immense and Apple has always done great in this category. There are thousands of interesting apps that you can download from the App store and the software available there is quite astounding to say the least, though one drawback, which has always existed, is the lack flexibility in downloading the apps. Similarly, there are plenty of exciting games available for download that are exclusive to iOS and all of them are high quality games, but then again Android KitKat takes the lead as it provides the option of using a PS3 controller to enhance the gaming experience.


The customizability in this latest version of iOS is the most detrimental factor that is not only harming its reputation, but also giving a way forward for Android. You are only limited to a certain changes on the home screen and that’s it.


Apple’s iPhones have always won praise for their performance, thanks largely to the iOS. And in iOS 7, the developers have kept these things in mind. If you are a multi-tasker, than iOS 7.0.5 will provide you the real multi-tasking experience and it is a bit snappier than Android, which means that the new iOS 7.0.5 will go on and on and on, without lagging.


Microsoft released the second generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8 on 29th October, 2012. The features instilled in this mobile OS are quite different from the rest, and some of them are exclusive to Microsoft. With time, Microsoft has launched regular updates to bring improvements and enhance the user experience and has so far released three major updates for the Windows Phone. Update 3 (Build 8.0.10521.155) is the latest update of this version which was released on October 14th, 2013.

Design and Appearance

The whole design and appearance of the Windows Phone 8 system is aesthetically very different and unique from Android KitKat and iOS 7. You’ll see the difference if you have earlier used any Android or iOS phones. The main manufacturer of the Windows Phone 8 is Nokia, with all its new smart devices running on Microsoft’s latest OS.

Software and Apps

On the downside, the most irritating thing in Windows 8 is the availability of quality software. The Google Play Store and Apple’s App store have high number of quality and unique apps, which are not all available on the Windows platform. Therefore, Windows Phone 8 loses out in this category by a long way.


As far as the gaming area is concerned, Windows 8 lacks in this too. Apart from some EA games, the system does not support many popular and competitive game titles that are easily available on the other two platforms.


The customizability factor of Windows 8 is better than that of iOS 7, in the sense that it gives you more options to change your phone’s look. But even here, it cannot beat Android in customizing your phone.


On the performance front, the Windows Phone 8 is virtually on the same level as Android but not better than iOS. The performance of the new OS lacks the sharpness that iOS has. Additionally, the phone also tends to hang and lag a lot, when compared to its rival systems. Multi-tasking on a Windows 8 Phone is not a good idea.