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10 inches Amazon Kindle Fire is under development, Specs Leaked ahead

There are numbers of leaked suggest that the Amazon is currently working on 10 inches Kindle Fire tablet which will expectedly come with a moderate design. The leaked information also gives sight that the new tablet might run the refresh version of Fire operating system.

Recently the tablet visited the benchmark and, fortunately, we get the detail of the hardware placed inside the tablet. GFX confirmed that the 10 inches Kindle Fire has 10 inches display with 1280x800 pixels resolution and has the power of two ARM Cortex-A15 CPU cores and two Cortex-A7 cores processor paired with MediaTek MT8135 chipset and PowerVR Rogue G6200 GPU. Beside this, the tablet contained 1 GB RAM. There is no information available about the internal memory, battery and camera of this device. But according to the leaked specs the tablet seems to be the mid-range tablet because of its reasonable display resolution and low amount of RAM.



The previous leaked suggested that 10 inches Kindle Fire will come with sharp edges at corners which are different from Amazon Present generation of tablets. It has updated version of Fire OS combined with basic Android user interface.

 There is no release date and price update leak, but it is expected that the tablet will be available soon because the tablet visited the Benchmark for testing.