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12.9 Inches iPad Pro will make the debut in 2015 with its A8X system on chip

First we heard about this new version of iPad pro when we heard about the production of iPhone 6 and the previous rumors said that the iPad pro will also make the debut with iPhone 6 but due to some internal reasons the launch of iPad pro got delayed. Now it is almost one year passed in listening the news and rumors about this new version of iPad Pro but still nothing is in front of us as confirmed news, now it is expected that the device will make the debut in 2015. The year 2014 is going to end soon and the time of revealing of iPad Pro is near so now some information is coming out about the device.


Taiwanese media started publishing some information about the device such as the processor of the device. According to the recently published report Apple planned to release the larger version of iPad in 2nd quarter of the year 2015. It is also expected that the mini version of iPad which is known as iPad Mini will also make the debut with the larger version of iPad. The same report also revealed the fact that the iPad Air 2 is probably featured with 2 GB of RAM but the big bump is that the Apple will use upgraded A8X processor for their iPad Pro. This is not the new idea of the company, before this Apple was used A5X processor in iPad 3 and A6X processor in iPad 4. In the X series processor the A7X processor is missed because there is no device released by the company in the past time. 

The using of “X” initial in Apple processor series points out towards the boosted speed of the GPU performance and it makes the logical sense for the larger iPad because it is expected that the iPad gives the 4K display resolution and the device needs the powerful GPU for pushing out too many pixels and gives the prefect image to the users.

Well now we only have the processor information with us, for knowing more about the device the users need to wait a bit, so stay tuned.

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