Samsung introduced world's first 200MP Camera Lens

2021-09-02 12:07:09

The newly launched sensor name is Samsung 200MP ISOCELL HP1. The camera lens work on a pixel binding technique called Chameleon Cell. It can shoot 12.5MP and 50MP resolution images. HP1 gives output according to the surrounding light. In low light, 200MP lens combine 4-by-4 pixels and clicks 12.5MP photos at 2.56μm pixel pitch. Meanwhile, the broad daylight lets it combine in 2-by-2 pixels binning and capture 50MP pictures at 1.28μm pitch. For a full 200MP pic, it captures at 0.64μm pitch – you cannot achieve this resolution at night. With the ISOCELL HP1, one can record 8k videos and a large field of view. But, resolution is scaled down to 8,192x6,144px (50MP) in order to take 7,680x4,320px (8K) video.

Adding to the context, Samsung has also showcased a 50MP ISOCELL GN5 lens. This one comes with an Optimum combination of Dual Pixel and FDTI technologies. FDTI is an abbreviation of Front Deep Trench Isolation. FDTI holds more light and enhancing full-well capacity while decreasing crosstalk within pixels. With an all-directional autofocus technology, the 50MP GN5 aims to improve autofocus and accuracy. For this purpose, it combines vertical and horizontal tracking pixels. The sensor size of ISOCELL GN5 is 1.0µm.

Mobile Phones to Get 200MP Lens in Future

I - First of all, choosing from Samsung own portfolio, the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will give the job of main camera to 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor. We don't know whether the standard version of S22 will have it. Samsung S22 Ultra will launch in MWC 2022, either in February and March.

II - Another smartphone expected with a 200MP camera is Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Yeah, there are rumors regarding Xiaomi 12 Ultra with 200MP sensor will debut by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Both of upper phones are Ultra versions of their families. Hence, we can anticipate that this 200MP feature will be limited to premium phones. Oppo and Vivo may follow up and may unveil a 200MP camera phone in near future.
What we expect?

We hope to see Android 12 on the phones having 200MP lens, as the upcoming software will bring camera improvements and more photography and video editing features. Maybe, Snapdragon 895 or 898 chipset will administer S22 Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Ultra to let 200MP camera perform at its best.

III – ZTE is allegedly working on a 200MP camera phone called Axon 30 5G. But this phone teased with a Snapdragon 888.