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3 Profit is Almost double with Better 4G and LTE Services and Plan Prices in UK

Three,  one of the largest mobile carrie company in the UK. It has taken the initiative and used LTE  network with batter services and economical rate plans after expending the LTE  networf from December. They generate massive money from their initiative and increase the numbers of clients by this strategy of business and by given them a good services. although despite their big achievement, they are far behind their other three rival companies.

 it is stunning to know how 3 operating profits have swollen from £ 101 million to more than double and reaching £ 207 million from the total revenue of exceeding  £ 2 billion. The company has acquired more than half a million customers with the batter services, to be exact 565,000, in 2013. Although comparing it with the other companies it is not a big figure because there the achievements are much greater by serving the largest numbers of clients. Yet is an achievement of a magnitude when the company has a countable eight million customers. Comparing it with the carrier companies in the UK, the progress of ‘Three’ is quite remarkable. LTE network service is in operation in 36 markets with ever increasing coverage. It predicts its coverage to spread to over 200 cities,towns and small places from 2014 ends. With their present pace which is ever getting faster, they are likely to cover 98% of the UK  and not I far away in future but just a year later; that is by the close of 2015.


Three is operating in an aggressive manner and has it its services ever improving and try to make the services batter to combeat the market; company waved off the roaming charges for their clients in 11 countries, introducing new prepaid service and keeping their rates stable and economical despite using LTE service and keep enjoying a good network service experience .