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Access to Contacts and Photos in iOS 9.3.1 via Siri without Pass Code

Among many iPhone users Siri isn’t most admired feature; sometimes the feature doesn’t hear you correctly often enrage users who try to use Siri and end up put out of action it altogether.

The iPhone SE doesn’t contains pressure sensitive screen or 3D Touch and we really don’t know if Apple will use 3D touch in next generation of iPhone SE. While the features makes current flagship more appealing as compare to its predecessors. Actually 3D Touch allows a somber error present in iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus. It allows user to access contacts and photos in faster way.

First enable Siri through settings, after activation ask Siri to do a search on Twitter account. Then find a result that exhibits an email address. The reprobate can then 3D Touch this email address and decide to “add to a contact”. When the crook selects to add to an obtainable contact, the smartphone’s whole phone book is revealed.

The contact can be opened and your phone will permit to use selected photo for that contact. Hereby, conceding the worker entrée to the whole gallery. In order to hack someone’s work, the sufferer’s smartphone would need to have 3D Touch enabled; Siri should be enabled from the lock screen, and Twitter account need to be logged in on the handset.

Apple need to fix the flaw with software update, meanwhile, if you want to take safety measures with your smartphone iPhone 6s/6s Plus, you can change the setting which permits Siri’s access to Twitter, and you can also disable Siri’s access to the lock screen of the phone or 3D Touch.