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Acer will launch Jade Primo 2 and Predator 8 in 2016 and commit to delivering more than 10 million smartphones

 Acer displayed their new handset Jade Primo in the recent IFA 2015 and now is the time for a successor which seems called Jade Primo 2. Without any doubt, the Jade Primo is one of the most powerful handsets which runs the latest Windows 10. However the handset Jade Primo is still not available for the users and it will make the way to the markets soon. Certainly it will set a new trend in Windows Phone line. It will need a new type of hardware which is yet in the process of development. Once completed, it will give a pleasant experience of smooth performance like a portable computer.

Acer Phones

The president of Acer said in this regard that the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) become conscious  about the new windows 10 phones and keep working on them and the Jade Primo 2 is also included in the line of under develop handsets. It is expected that the new windows phone will be shipped next year and Acer also promise to deliver more than 10 million smartphones in coming year.

 The current models available in the market contained the price tag below $200 but in the future company has the plan to launch two flagships which will carry a price tag of over $300. The new flagships will be Predator 6 and Jade Primo 2but that will be in the year 2016. 

These two handsets will increase the charm in Windows Phone line which already has long lines of new handsets. The new development by Acer is expected to open the new door of success for the gaming tablets of the company such as Predator 6 which is going to set the pattern for Predator 8 as well.