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Allo google has new app to connect people

Published on May 31,2016 By Maq Ahmed

Facebook offers both Messenger and WhatsApp which connect you to your family and friends. Apple boasts Messages, Instagram lets you socialize and share your moments. All of them, in one way or the other, aim to connect the world into a big but one community. This year, at the Google I/O conference, the company unveiled its very own messaging app which has a funny name which sounds like an old American country boy who is excited enough as he greets you on the phone. It's called 'Allo'.

Allo is expected to run on both Android and Apple and hence could mean less users for Apple's very own Messages. As displayed in the conference, the app gets it brains from Google and the brilliant minds there working on the Google's AI which pops out a search result for you before you hit enter.

Google Hangouts remains and Allo will be a new addition to the family. The app will employ several Artificial Intelligence algorithms and data analysis techniques on the message just received by you and based on what you say, the intelligent assistant will figure out consistent replies for you before you've completed the reply, so much like Google. You can either choose to select the reply Google deems appropriate or you could go the extra mile to create a new one. Google's Allo also plans to add WeChat like facilities to the mix where people will be able to book restaurants right from the app. The Intelligence in Allo won't remain confined to the app and would rather move to home automation trying to be a personal assistant for your home.

Allo will find out if the picture you just shared has a famous monument in the back and will throw in a nice comment just to make you look lovable."Where this gets really powerful," says Amit Fulay, the Google product manager who has control over Allo, "is when you can bring the assistant into group conversations."

Google's Allo will allow more power to reside within your reach confined in an app. The bot will use all sorts of online information into your live conversations. Google now follows the one in all policy where they aim to bring everything that a person could ask for in one place, owing to a Google- designed Artificially Intelligent System.

Google acquires all its Intelligence based on the deep neural nets. Where analyzing a large amount of data acquired by Google is utilized to learn the meaning of the slangs and misspelt words uttered out in a carefree conversation and fill in with some real time meanings and generate sound replies. Google is spending a lot of its resources into the deep learning research which provides sound basis to prepare yourselves by the awesomeness offered by Allo. But don't expect best results in the very first attempt. The app might not amaze you with the primitive stages but as soon as it gets on the grid and starts learning and understanding and with the help of some of the brilliant minds on the planet working at Google, the app might become the best messaging app of all times.



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