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Amazon Fire Phone available pre order now, get it on 25th July

Amazon just announced the handset named “Fire Phone”. The handset is available for pre order via Amazon. The Fire phone is exclusively presented by AT&T. Users who want to buy Amazon Fire Phone place the pre order for 32GB device in 199USD. The 199USD price is asking for on contract handset, the off contract handset price is 649 USD. If users want the 64GB model then they have to pay 100 USD more in both on contract or off contract conditions.

Amazon declared the handset and goods would arrive in the market from 25th July onwards. Amazon gives the exclusive offer to the users who buy the Fire Phon. The users are able to download movies, books and music on their handset free of cost.

Amazon introduced the Mayday. This application gives the facility to the users to speak with customer care officer through video chat. The representative has the complete access to the device and an ability to control the device. The representative helps the consumer and answers their questions.