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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 take the official place yesterday

Amazon follows the trend and announced two tablets know as Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7. Both the tablets are already available for pre- orders in various colors. The starting price of the tablets is $99 for 8GB of Fire HD6. The tablets will be available in the markets on 2nd October.


Both the tablets are powered with quad-core CPU with two 1.2GHz cores and two 1.5GHz cores. Company placed 1GB RAM in both tablets. The two comes with two on board memory option 8GB and 16 GB.

The Amazon Fire HD6 has a 6 inches display with 1280x 800 pixels resolution and the other one Fire HD7 has a 7 inches display with 1280x800 pixels resolution. Both tablets are featured with 2 mega pixel back and VGA front facing camera. The Fire HD 6 measures 169 x 103 x 10.7 mm by dimensions and has 290 grams weight and Fire HD7 has 337 grams weight and measures 191 x 128 x 10.6 mm dimensions. Both tablets belongs Android family and run Android-based Amazon Fire 4 operating system.

As we already let the users know that both are the affordable tablets. The Fire HD 6 will be available in $134. This is the price for 16 GB model and the large one Amazon Fire HD 7 has a $139 price for 8 GB and $174 price is for 16GB model. No sponsored or retails offer contract in both tablets. The tablets will be available in retailer price only.

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