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Android 5.0 LolliPop brings new Camera API

 The new Andoid release seems to be a big change but still shrouded in mystery and that adds importance to the new update coming for Google’s mobile OS with the new ‘Material Design’, 
the one aspect of this update is going to be ground-breaking and reinvigorating change mobile photography  after a long time use of Camera v1 API. , Google has now decided to adopt a new API to boost up the speed of the camera completely. These changes will take Android far ahead of the other platforms in settings and capabilities for camera app developers and camera capabilities.

The new camera API will capture DNG format, images like specialized advanced cameras, It will enhance the settings like the exposure time not include previously on Android. Moreover, it will also make it open for any app developers to change the color correction matrix; previously this feature was open only to the phone makers and they have the access.

The current Android camera API treats the manual controls separately as general layer outside the picture whereas the new API shortly to come carries the settings as embedded in the picture. This optimization will allow each picture to quickly come with its unique settings. It is through this process or developed app that has enabled Google to do something stunning by a speed of 30fps while on other very advance mobile cameras is far less may it be 8-megapixel capture on the Nexus 5.

the users and we are eagerly waiting for this camera APPI; the developers are already dreaming about this new camera app to work on.