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Android Marshmallow 6.1 update will knock the smartphones in 2016 detailed confirmed

The Google is in full swing in 2016 and gives the chance to rumor mills to work with new indications including Nexus smartphones and the awaited marshmallow 6.1 updates. The mills are working two hot topics windows updates and the Marshmallow updated version which expectedly comes with many updated features and from that one feature are known as Google employees. Though the features are still not confirmed officially from Google and have to be verified officially first till then they stand in the line of rumors but some of them are in the rumors since long and many reports confirmed the existence of these features.

Now the new rumors claimed that the Google is currently working on a cleaning up revamped system that has already come in Marshmallow 6.0 version. The new integration is that the Google apps are completely secure and before launching the app they need a proper and appropriate user’s permission and if the users deny the launch the app will stop working immediately.


After merging the new and the bit older rumors, we are expecting to have the updated Marshmallow version in June 2016. It is also said that the updated version of the software will come in HTC Perfume which is leaked by Google Pixel Team in their Reddit AMA account. The other expected feature is the split screen which might also integrate with Marshmallow 6.1 which is also confirmed by the Pixel team in same Reddit account.

The report also suggests that the Android 6.1 will take the nickname of Marshmallow, on the contrary, the Pixel team said that the new split screen is in a process for Android N which indicates that the nickname is changed in this way. The alphabet also used in the previous versions (Android 2.0), the Holo theme and Roboto font (Android 4.0), Material Design (Android 5.0), and Google Now on Tap (Android 6.0). So, a split screen could be a big enough change to warrant the new nickname. Of course, Google has been known to mislead when it comes to the name. So according to the previous trend we safely assume that the Google Pixel Team suggestion is not correct but we cannot confirm anything before time and the time revealed the facts.