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Another handset of Oppo Besides N3 Revealed By The OppoMart

Users are waiting to have the handset Oppo N3 which is highlighted by media now days. The wait is over and the event is going to take place very soon and Oppo N3 will be in the market for the users to purchase. It is not only Oppo N3; Oppo is going to launch another device with Oppo N3. This is another model of the same handset. The new handset is expected to be the thinnest handset in the category of smartphones. It is unbelievable that the accompanying handset, named as Oppo R5 is only 4mm thick. It is really surprising to see how things have been packed up in this thickness. For comparison sake we are mentioning Apple iPhone 6 which is 6.9 mm thin. According to the Oppo Mart, online retailers of Oppo have revealed it and they say they have the specs also.     


As per retailer’s confirmation the handset is equipped with 5.5 inches large display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. It is featured with 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor and 3 GB large RAM. Company provides 32 GB on board memory inside the handset, but unfortunately we have no information about the extendable memory of the handset. The handset has 13 mega pixel moveable camera which is similar with Oppo N3. Company offers VOOC charger with the handset. This charger recharges the battery up to 75% with in just 30 minutes.

The precise release date of Oppo R5 is not confirmed yet but it is expected to be revealed soon. According to the OppoMart the handset will carry the $ 499 price tag. 

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