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Another Powerful, Device Motorola Droid Phablet is under development

Recently Motorola launched two powerful devices “Motorola Droid Turbo” and “Nexus 6” and they both are marvelous and now new rumors afloat that Motorola is busy on their lab to make the new powerful device which will belong to the Droid family and will carry the better features from Nexus 6. The device might call “Motorola Droid Phablet”.

 According to the resource the under developing phablet will come with large display as 6 inches and supports quad HD display resolution same as Nexus 6 and will be powered with 64- bit architectural Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 system on chip and has large RAM as 4 GB. It is expected that the upcoming Droid Phablet will run Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system energized with powerful battery as 4000mAh. The Droid Phablet will face two competitors Xperia Z4 and Galaxy S6 because they both will come with 4 GB RAM but any official confirmation about the devices come from anywhere and we need to wait more until the device did not get the official place.


One thing is for sure that the upcoming Droid Phablet belongs to the Droid family and will be available via Verizon. However it is not confirmed that the other carrier will also offer the phablet or not this will be clear after the official announcement. In the account of design the upcoming Droid Phablet follows the pattern of Nexus 6.

There is a confusion the other rumors afloat that the Droid Phablet is expect to offer by Verizon but the device will not carry the Droid logo. Motorola only use Droid logo exclusively for the Verizon and company has an aim to lineup their giant smartphone like Moto X, Moto G and Nexus 6 and after that they focus to increase the device line for Verizon.

The upcoming phablet is still unbranded and might be out in 2015. There is no official confirmation about the device come from the Motorola so we cannot get even any general idea about the price of this upcoming phablet. Well need to wait a bit for knowing more about the Droid Phablet.