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Another Tizen based smartphones beside the Samsung Z is going to reveal soon

Samsung have now reached the stage where it is going to install and release a handset with their own operating system, Tizen. They have very boldly announced a new handset that is going to be Tizen based. Well we cannot confirm the name; they say it will not be Samsung Z.


Samsung announced it in June that they were going to release Samsung Z as the first Tizen based smartphone and it was a commercial release. Somehow they postponed it and did not release probably on the price factor. Now they have thought of launching a low budget handset with Tizen. It is not sure when it will be launched; it may sometime like couple of months.

As per Economic Time confirmation, Samsung officials are in process and thinking about launching this Tizen based device in India around November. Although not much is known yet we guess it will be Samsung SM-Z130 with the price of about $200 and the handset would be unlocked. We further expect it will have modest features.

According to director of Samsung from South West Africa, this would be Tizen based but while Android handset would remain in the market.

It is surprising that Indian manufacturers are going to pose a major threat of competition to Samsung and particularly this new Tizen based handset which is being talked about much in the news and the rumors. India is a big market for the mobile phones and every major manufacturer focuses on this market but now Indian manufacturers are getting very active and producing these handsets at large scale and at lower prices like $110.

In view of these lower prices the costlier handsets are going to be in difficult position getting strong foot hold in the Indian market particularly. Samsung is a big company and defiantly is not concentrating on India alone. They would stuff the markets all around the world in different countries therefore we can not assume a dark future for the Tizen based smartphone by Samsung. It is a new product and will have the new customers.

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