Apple’s new iPhone 11 triple Camera design leaked

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Designers of Apple are generally in style just about the world, although they have had many rises and falls over the years like other designer teams. The rises are so many and strengthen these downfalls. There is only one Apple design deviation that had carried on getting not as good as over the years from the time when it introduced: the camera bump. Apple is expected to feature designs that are similar to the current iPhone XS series phones on the frontage, and the backside will be the identical apart from square shaped camera housing with the three lenses, which have been publicized in a triangular orientation arrangement likely on both new phones. They rise with alternative ways to amplify the screen-to-body ratio, plus dual-screen phones, punch-hole displays, and slider designs.

Mark Gurman has tweeted an image that comes into sight to confirm the change of design like the circle-shaped lens from the iPhone XR and the oval-shaped lenses of both iPhone XS models. Last year people freaked out due to a far more noticeable change in the regular speaker holes on the bottom of the iPhone X give way for an asymmetrical bottom antenna bar on the iPhone XS.

There would be a very particular cause behind such an unusual square-shaped triple-camera triangle array design. All Smartphone making companies are working for full-screen phones will no bezels. Although we will have three iPhone devices; iPhone 11, iPhone 11S, and the third one iPhone 11SX or maybe some something else. There’s more gossip about the launch of Apple upcoming products till September.

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