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Apple again Raised Dispute against Samsung for another $180M


Just a week ago Samsung paid over $548 million for steeling patent of Apple’s iPhone. Now Apple again asked US court to catch up its rival again for over $180 million. Apple claims that Samsung copied its patents and design, so Samsung should pay more for damages and interest. Representatives of both companies Apple and Samsung didn’t reach for comments in the court.


Apple said that Samsung is liable to pay more money for supplemental damages for five phone model after 2012. When Samsung caught for the first time for infringing Apple’s patents. Yesterday, Apple filled motion in a US court in California. It is vague that Apple is seeking for which Samsung’s phone for damages because at the moment majority of documents are sealed from public.  Today filling is noticed first by Florian Mueller a patent expert. Who has been following the details of the case on his blogFOSS Patents.

It is just over a week ago when Samsung paid $548 and now Apple wants more money. When the lawsuit kicked in 2011, Apple asked for $2.5 billion, which is reduced and became less than $1 million in 2012. It was also heard that last year both companies agreed to drop litigation outside of the US, but an intricate appeal means the issue is not resolved yet.

Moreover, the patent dispute may enter into more phases till the issue doesn’t resolves. Samsung also claimed that the 2012 dispute was incorrect and the company asked to US court to review the evidence and help Samsung in patent process. The company also appealed that Apple is asking for more money than it deserves. If court picks up the case it will redesign the whole case and how it will handle it in the future.

It seems an epitome global war for patent rights and copying a design. Many other smartphone companies also copied few designs of iPhone 6 but luckily they escape from this war. Apple and Samsung are in this battle and the court is trying to resolve their issue.