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Apple Announces iOS 10, Could it Trim Down Jailbreak Chances

Apple has officially announced iOS 10 with iOS 10 beta, both are available for developers. There are numerous chances that Apple has made lots of improvements in the software. The iOS 10 is a completely new version of software and it is first ever beta of the software that is launched for developers to try out.

The company assured that the final version of iOS 10 will be launched in the fall of this year. What about iOS 10 jailbreak? Has the company made enough measurements to secure its software? Will it be cracked at the day of its released or even before the launch? From a user point of view, all these questions are absolutely valid, and users should keep this in mind that iOS is a software like any other so flaws could exist in it that can be used in jail breaking of iOS 10. There is also a probability that the new iOS 10 jailbreak tool for developers might end up seeing the light of day as a replacement for of the final release. The same thing has happened last software so there are chances that it could happen this time too.


The company is working hard to put essential security loopholes in its new software so let’s see how Apple will secure its software from jail breaking. Without any doubt the new software will be tested before pushing the final release to the users. By releasing a developer oriented solution, the developers won’t want to risk losing a working jailbreak.


We expect that iOS 10 will come with advanced features, there are a lot of users who want to use iOS meanwhile, they want tweaks and customizations that the overall user experience for the user. Stay tuned for more updates regarding new software.