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Apple CARPLAY, Apple present the Marvel Of Technology

Technology is compact day by day and we are living in  the era of modern shiny technology world. Apple is one of the leading mobile manufacturing company who already gives the various compact devices. Apple revels the news of their newly lunched car play system.

This apple car play have an updated iOS7, and matched with the iPhones who have a Lightning jack. Apple claims that this is the most smart and safe car play with the easy function.

This device have a large shape of icons which are convenient to use while you drive, you can easily operate this system without facing a driving problems. You can enjoy the better music experience of your iphone in your car and enjoy your journey. Beside the best music experience the users also look the map position and direction where they travel.


This device also facilitates the users from the calling and messaging services during the driving with the help of their advance operating system. This is not the enough feature the users also can enjoy the third party apps such as downloads and the indications.

Iphone users always love to use the phone from their finger tips car play offers them to use their iphone in their car and they use their complete Iphone by the single touch. Apple revel the technology era.